As a result of the smash hit “Carpool Karaoke” from James Corden gaining a wide audience and claiming some previously uncharted territory, we recently received the news that the segment will become one of the first shows offered on Apple Music. TV lovers get ready, because there’s already an official launch date set for August 8!

At the very beginning, the announcement of the partnership bothered the show fans a bit, especially considering they’ll have to pay a subscription to use the Apple platform. All the same, resisting to deflate the wallets will be challenging for real followers after the catchy previews unveiled via the company’s YouTube channel.

Indeed, as part of the wacky surprises the program has been preparing hand in hand with Apple, we can enjoy not only stars like Ariana Grande and Metallica onboard the famous car but even a flying Will Smith, singing out loud while on a helicopter ride.

Apple launching the darts: is Netflix on target?


TV entertainment has evolved overnight, transforming into services like Netflix, whose influence is evident through popular phrases like “Netflix and chill.” This represents a whole new code for sharing the moment of watching series or films with family, friends, and even all alone.

Simultaneously, video streaming has collaborated on the process of revolutionizing the impact of media on the Internet and the way not only information, but culture and entertainment are being spread. To show something, even Amazon Prime Video has teamed up with Universities like Berkeley to boost investigative journalism by online video diffusion.

That being said, it’s no surprise that Apple would be fairly quick to start getting involved in the field, and that’s exactly what they are doing. It’s not only about the launching of the Apple’s first TV program, but rumors also state the company will redesign Apple Music on iOS 11 to make the video more relevant, hopefully in time for the “Carpool Karaoke,” while working on releasing more shows and documentaries at the same time.

It might seem that often Apple doesn’t want to leave something for the rest of the companies, solidifying the tension other firms like Spotify have against the enterprise. Needless to say this latest announcement will probably perturb some CEOs and die hard fans of other services. 

The inconsistency of Apple with deadlines lately

So is Apple encompassing too much? For some time now, they have become inconsistent with launching dates, at least according to what they advertise, and covering too much could be the reason.

In fact, the premiere of ‘Carpool Karaoke’ was previously announced for early April, and was then delayed with no explanation for the summer. As with this, there’s the neverending opening of the Apple Park, another breached promise. If this goes on, I’m afraid Apple will end up building a Pinocchio-syle reputation within the technological world.


The good news is we finally have something to fill our Tuesdays with starting in August! The episodes will be available through Apple Music the same time every week.