The AMD of today is no longer the AMD of yesterday. The company is no longer releasing a slew of inferior products to the market, and because of that, its desktop processor are now good enough to feature in laptop computers.

Over the past decade, if a person wanted a powerful portable computer, the only sensible option was to purchase one with an Intel, Core processor. Hardware manufacturers tend to use AMD’s significantly weaker APU set up for laptops, and those systems were never good enough especially for folk who want to perform demanding work.

Ryzen. Changes. Everything.

Things are different today due to the release of Ryzen, AMD’s newest computer processors that have been designed with the intention of winning back market share and fans. Critics have praised Ryzen as the first real competitor to Intel Core products, and that’s something that can only work out well for the market.

With Ryzen being on the desktop for some months now, it’s time for the product to find its way to mobile devices such as laptops. The first company to venture down this path is no other than Asus with the ROG STRIX GL702ZC gaming laptop. Bear in mind this device is not powered by Ryzen Mobile, but rather the full desktop version of the processor.


Usually, when Asus announces a laptop directed at gamers, the device is packed with Intel and Nvidia technology. However, this particular device is all about AMD on the CPU front, and the same on the GPU front.

The computer, which was announced at Computex 2017, packs a Ryzen 7 1700 chipset and an RX580 graphics processing unit. This should allow gamers to play most modern video games in 1080p and 60 frames per second. Furthermore, the device packs a 17.3-inch display with AMD FreeSync technology on the inside.

What about battery life and pricing?

Asus didn’t mention anything about what fans should expect in terms of battery life. Seeing as this is a laptop designed for high-end gaming with a massive 17.3-inch display, it’s safe to say one shouldn’t look forward to anything impressive. This is a desktop in a laptop form factor, and as such, battery life isn’t important.

When it comes down to pricing, Asus failed to talk about this important detail. Still, we can summarize that the ROG STRIX GL702ZC might cost less than similar products with Intel and Nvidia inside.

We’ve seen time and time again how aggressive AMD prices its processors and GPUs. This strategy ultimately makes it possible for OEMs sell cheaper products to consumers, and from our point of view, Intel and Nvidia are in for a world of hurt if these companies fail to match AMD on price.

We believe more hardware manufacturers will launch laptops with Ryzen desktop processors inside before the end of 2017. For AMD fans and PC gamers alike, this is fantastic news.