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I’m currently in the process of moving and am clamoring to get the bulk of my security deposit back upon my departure. I’ve patched nail holes from hanging pictures, reattached carpeting that has come unhinged over time, and now it is time to replace the dingy, no-longer-white light switch covers.

During this process, I did not want to cheap out on something that would snap in half as I was screwing it onto the wall. I stumbled upon a company I had not heard of called Enerlites, and upon further research of their product and customers, I realized that they might be the right choice for me.

Once I received the product, I was pleasantly surprised with what arrived. These light switch covers looked great, felt nice and durable, and were the perfect size to replace the old, gross covers that came with the apartment.

Style: subtle and humble makes me happy


When the product arrived a few short days later and I opened the Amazon box with the smiling arrow, they appeared the same as any light switch covers I had seen at Lowe’s, but looks can be deceiving.

I didn’t purchase every variation that was available as I have no use for five or six gang covers, but the rest of them were consistent in both quality and color which is nice because I have bought home improvement peripherals in bulk in the past and 1 in 5 is usually chipped or cracked.

After picking up the covers, I noticed that they had a good feel thanks to the glossy finish but not overly shiny like some gaudy ones I had seen before. They weren’t so light that they felt like they’d break in my hand, yet not so heavy that screwing them onto the wall was stifling.

It’s good to know they’re easy to use, because the covers are not only for light switches and dimmers, but are great for USB outlets and other switches and power points around the home.

Application: traditional and durable makes the home happy

There’s something to be said for traditional white light covers that really go with just about every shade of paint that may be on your walls. However, some people can grow bored of white and Enerlites realizes this and offers two additional colors for the adventurous: black and almond.

The accuracy of the slot hole within the cover is astonishingly perfect and they fit flawlessly over the switch or outlet with measurement at 1.31” by 2.63” As far as the outer dimensions, there are six different sizes to choose from based on number of switches and if you buy enough they’ll be under a buck a piece.

These covers may look classic and timeless, but the space age polycarbonate makes these wall panels virtually unbreakable. I fully plan on buying another set of these covers for my new place after we move, but when it’s time to move again I’ll be taking them with me.

Final say: I’m quite content

When it’s all said and done, my family and I are really happy with the product and how it looks on our walls. Though, I am sad that I have to leave these behind, I am incredibly pleased with how they look on our soon-to-be former apartment.

An added feature of these great covers is that they wipe clean, which I noticed after my daughter wiped her greasy hands on them after dinner. I simply swiped them with a wet nap and no greasy residue was left.

I recommend you get yours:

*This is a sponsored post for Enerlites. All opinions expressed are 100% ours.

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