Due to the launch of the new Ryzen processor, AMD is in the right spot today to compete directly and on the same level as Intel. The company’s latest processor that’s based on the Zen cores is no other than Threadripper, a CPU that is destined to hit store shelves with 16 cores and 32 threads.

Threadripper is set to launch before the end of 2017 and should take the crown of fastest consumer processor ever conceived by AMD or any other company for that matter. It’s for the enthusiasts who are seeking the best possible performance, and those who just wants to have the newest toys.

With Threadripper comes falling prices

With the Threadripper processor on the horizon, AMD is taking this chance to hit Intel where it hurts once again, in the price department. The company has slashed prices of its Ryzen 7 processors by up to 23 percent. The Ryzen 7 1800X, 1700X and 1700 processors are now cheaper to acquire, and that’s great news for consumers aiming to build their own Ryzen powered desktop computer.

Interested folks can pick up a Ryzen 7 processor for the cool price of $455, $349 and $299 respectively. That’s quite impressive, and as such, we’re left looking to Intel to combat these aggressive moves by AMD with price cuts as well. Intel will likely sit back and watch how the market reacts before making a move; so it might take a while.


Amazon and Newegg are the best places on the web to seek out Ryzen 7 processors with the new prices. Furthermore, for those outside of Amazon and Newegg’s shipping area, eBay is a good place to look.

It’s possible to locate a 1700X for as little as $309, and an 1800X for $429. Doing the math, that’s a whopping 14 percent cut in price for those two processors, especially when we take into consideration the speed and the popularity of them both.

These new prices have no doubt made the Ryzen 7 processors more attractive than before. With over 100 motherboards with the AM4 spec now available along with cheaper processors, one shouldn’t be too surprised if AMD takes significant shares from Intel in the near future.

The company is gunning for the top with more affordable products that are able to match similar products from Intel in terms of performance. Not to mention, these processors have eight cores, and to make things even more attractive, all cores are unlocked.

Intel has yet to launch a consumer processor with eight cores. However, that might soon change seeing as AMD is having great success, and customers are responding in a positive light thus far.

Ryzen Mobile later in 2017

AMD isn’t done just yet. The company is working on its Ryzen Mobile processor that is designed for its APU platform. It should find its way in portable computers before the end of 2017. Furthermore, we expect it to be the main driving force behind the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox console that comes after Project Scorpio.