Light is a powerful tool that brings out the oomph of any occasion. Christmas has the trees and the lights. Candles for the birthdays. It’s time for something unique to the conventional sulfur glowing bulbs that currently light up your interior. The Ziste 4-pieces car LED strip promises to add a flair to the interior of your vehicle without costing you an arm and a leg.

The multicolor LED light that boasts an infrared remote control will set you back only $18.99 dollars at Amazon as of this post.

Product Description

The ZISTE LED light strip is designed to be a vivid lighting system if the product features are anything to go by. Key among the outstanding features include:

  • RGB with an additional white diode: for starters, these are primary colors (red, green and blue), that when blended, produces a wide range of color hues. Pure white hue is guaranteed with the extra dedicated white diode, unlike the conventional RGB strips that will produce an undertone white shade.
  • Infrared controlled remote that allows you to customize the interior light shades to suit your occasion besides featuring the control modes for brightness, the order of display and music control.
  • Four strips that are nine inches long with each strip containing 12 LEDs. A length considered adequate to cover both the dashboard and the back seats. It also has the ability to curve around and fit into the tightest corners or places within the car.
  • Features a direct current 12 voltage 5 A adapter.

Why I am smitten by the Zisted LED strips

You need not be a technician guru to install this lighting kit. It’s a plug and play device. The LED strip light comes with 3M tape. What is required of you is identifying a suitable location in your car and affix the strip.


To power up the light strip, the ZISTE led strip comes with a USB car charger that directly plugs into the cigarette lighter port if you do not have a USB port already in your vehicle.

Lights in sync with the music genre

Just when you thought you had experienced it all, the Ziste LED strip pulls a surprise by generating light flashes that are in tune with the music genre in play. The LED literary dance to the music beats courtesy of an inbuilt music sensor. The effect is amazing when it comes to providing that extra entertainment as you listen to your track. There are four different settings on the remote to control the lighting for music.

Waterproof, heatproof and shockproof

Worried that your LED lights will get exposed to water? With an ingression protection rating of 68, you can rest easy over the dangers posed by the light strip coming into contact with dust and water. Also enhanced in the strip lights is the anti-collision and anti-corrosion capability that improves the durability of the lighting system.

Ziste through the eyes of verified purchases

It’s a mixture of positive reporting laced with some negative sentiments. Nevertheless, the positive feedback tilts the balance in their favor with a rating of 4-star out of a possible five-star rating at Amazon. One critical review of the negative feedback, I find it to be more of the end user failures rather than the product itself. But, that shouldn’t be misinterpreted that the lights are absolutely perfect.

Light is controlled with the remote control pointing towards the receiver and the music sensor should be close to the music source for an optimum experience. If you take trouble reading the consumer manual, you will definitely troubleshoot these pitfalls and experience a vivid lighting system true to your eyes.

Insider information worth paying attention to

Well, this has been attested by numerous users who indicate their disappointment especially when it comes to the functionality of the remote control. But as I have mentioned above, the IR remote only controls the lights by directly pointing towards the receiver box and not the lights.

It may not be illegal in your state to drive while the interior LED lights are glowing, but generally speaking, a bright interior reduces the visibility while driving at dusk. Despair not as the Ziste LED strip light comes with brightness control settings that can be adjusted to eliminate distraction posed by bright illumination while driving.

Parting shot

The Ziste 4-piece car LED strip light is a finished article that will add a flare to your automobile on the cheap. It delivers on its promises and the fact that it comes with a one-year guarantee of product functionalities, I have all the reasons to recommend this lighting device for your automobile. Experience lighting system as it was designed to by ordering your piece from Amazon.

You can get yours here:

*This is a sponsored post created for Ziste. All opinions expressed are 100% ours.