Apple redesigns the App Drawer in iMessage

Apple announced during the WWDC conference that messages which are on its latest iteration iOS 11 are going to synchronize chats across a number of devices using iCloud integration. Users will be able to sign in on any device and have their messages intact.

The iMessage feature in iCloud would also mean that if a message is deleted on one’s iPhone, the same action would be reflected on the other devices as well. This is one of the major updates to an annoyance that has been recurrent for customers using the messages application on an apple machine.

Apple Redesigns the App Drawer in iMessage

Apple has also since redesigned the App Drawer within iMessage, and the cloud integrations are going to allow for a smaller number of backups considering most of the messages except the recent ones are stored within the cloud as opposed to one’s devices.

The purpose was to issue a number of favorable messaging attributes across the chat marketplace for the purposes of making the iMessage platform more fun. In its previous state, the drawer was quite sparse so the firm restructured it in order to make the compatible apps and the sticker packs more discoverable when it comes to iMessage.


So if one deletes a message on their iPhone, then it is automatically deleted from their Mac or iPad and the reverse is true. At the same time, because the full message archive is in sync via iCloud, iOS 11 just keeps the recent messages on the device while downloading older ones which are in demand. As such, messages are going to consumer less storage capacities on devices and the backups should occur in a faster manner. Apparently, iOS 10 is now installed on roughly 86 percent of the supported devices in the wild and this is up from the adoption rate of 79 percent that was reported in February.

iMessage and Apple Pay System Integration

The company understands iMessage would be one of the main anchors for iOS, being one of the operating systems that keep people locked within the enclosed ecosystem as a way of blue bubbled group texts with friends.

The previous year, the company revamped the iMessage platform by coming up with third party app extensions, emojis and stickers as well as other chat applications which were meant to help it compete against more established ones including Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

To help it give it edge against the competition though, it seems that iMessages is also getting an Apple Pay system. This is a contactless system of payment that is going to have its own iMessage application within the latest iOS iteration, and so one can pay customers or suppliers directly within the messages.

One can also use TouchID to authenticate payment transfers and revenue received through the system utilizing iMessage, which is going to go through the Apple Pay cash card. This would let the users perform peer to peer payments such as Square Cash and Venmo from the chat application.

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