Today’s world is becoming more and more automated each day thanks to advanced technology. With smart phones, smart watches, and even smart homes we can pretty much do all of our household chores with the help of a digital device or program, but what about outside the home?

There are countless ways to keep the inside of your home clean like automated vacuums, steam mops, and stain proof carpeting and paint. However, the exterior of your home, the part seen by more people than any other part, has been foolishly overlooked by automated upkeep since the dawn of smart devices.

Franklin Robotics, the company behind the marvelous robot vacuum Roomba, is currently developing a similar device for your most tedious and backbreaking outside chore; weeding your garden. This outdoor helper is called Tertill and using a similar technology to that of the Roomba but slightly more advanced thus far.

This is Tertill the gardening robot


Currently, Tertill is being marketed as a weeding device for your small garden and not much else just yet. It uses the decades old weed wacker technology of a thin plastic wire spinning at a high rate to chop down weeds except scaled down to the size of a strawberry and placed under the chassis of Tertill.

Unlike the Roomba, Tertill requires no power source other than the solar panel positioned on it’s back. The beauty of this little helper is that once purchased, you simply put him in your garden and once fully charged he’ll proceed to look for weeds to chop down.

It uses a sophisticated algorithm to differentiate between weeds and actual plants that should remain unscathed. It basically goes by size, so if there are seedlings or sprouts just beginning to flourish, then you simply place their special “collar” around them and Tertill will stay away.

The outdoor Roomba is 100% waterproof, so there is no need to panic and race outside if it should happen to rain. And since Tertill is so low to the ground, if your plants are tall enough then there is no fear of theft either.

The good, the bad, and the not-so-cool-looking

The best thing about Tertill is that it is no doubt setting a precedent for the future of automated gardening. We have automatic sprinklers and now an automated weed-killing helper without the use of chemicals. Perhaps in the future plant food can be distributed by a digital assistant or we’ll have robots to do the work of earthworms.

It’s a neat little device, but it does have its problem like most first attempts do. First of all, if your plants are too close to one another then Tertill will go around them completely rather than through them to search for weeds, so you’ll need a basic knowledge of gardening. And when you hear the word Roomba, you think of the insane price sure to be involved.

The Roomba bursted on to the scene as a device with both function and futuristic style but Tertill is a little more humble in its presentation. It’s white and looks like a child’s unpainted tank that he would scoot back and forth on the carpet.

All in all, Tertill looks to be a handy little helper and is sure to change between now and its release which has not been slated yet, but you can keep up to date by signing up here.



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