It has happened to many of us. We hear that all-too familiar text message notification while driving, and then we are tempted to look down at our phone to read the message. Even though it is very tempting, Apple’s new iOS 11 feature could put an end to the distraction.

Apple will be introducing a new feature for iPhones that will get rid of text messaging while you are driving. The feature is called “Do Not Disturb While Driving”, and it will be part of Apple’s iOS 11, which is a new version of the operating software for Apple mobile devices.

So how does it work?

Whenever you have your phone connected to your car via Bluetooth or cable, or even if your driving, you will not get any notifications such as text messages or any updates. If someone tries to text you while you’re driving, the person texting you will get an automatic message saying that you’re driving, and that you’re unable to respond.


The iPhone screen will lock in order to prevent drivers from using most of their apps while driving. Additionally, anyone who is in the car with you will be able to disable the feature.

Users will still be able to see Apple Maps while they are driving, even though they won’t be able to input destinations. Do you like to use Apple CarPlay? if so, you will still be able to use it if your car is equipped with it. The Apple CarPlay interface allows people to listen and respond to text messages with voice commands, as well as other iPhone features while you’re driving.

The goal of the new iOS 11 feature

iOS 11 Do Not Disturb While DrivingThe ultimate goal of the new iPhone feature is to get people to keep their eyes on the road, and to prevent text messaging related fatalities. Furthermore, the feature will be launched along with the iOS 11 update in the Fall. It was announced at the WWDC conference, and it promotes the idea that you don’t need to check your updates while you’re driving.

Texting while driving is increasingly becoming a hazard, and it is raising the amount of fatalities. According to recent statistics, the United States has taken the lead in this issue, an 69% of drivers (aged 18-64) in the States admitted to using their cell phone while driving during the last month.

Moreover, some motoring groups are in favor of the new feature. According to the spokesman for the RAC’s BePhoneSmart campaign Pete Williams, the problem is more with notifications, and less with phone calls. The company is hoping that people who use an Apple iPhone will be able stop with notifications while they are driving.

USA today said that roughly 46 states prohibit texting while driving. Furthermore, 14 states have banned the use of handheld devices. However, there are still ways advocates are looking for ways to lower the usage of texting while driving.

It is up to the driver to use their phone responsibly while driving, but the new iPhone feature is meant to act as a motivator in reducing fatalities.