Not all that glitters is gold. As we all know, Apple has its dark past too. In the beginning, the iPhone creator fabricated clothing. In fact, in 1986 the company launched a small line called ‘The Apple Collection.’ The holy grail was a pair of shoes from which photos were preserved, but nobody knew exactly where they could be found or if they really existed.


If they existed, they would be a jewel, right? It seems they do, according to a June 11 live auction organized on eBay. There’s only one pair of the vintage Apple Sneakers available, and the base price is $15 000.00 — But if the expectations are fully met, they will turn into the most expensive sneakers in the world!

The Apple charm: top design as a must


So we are addicted to the brand, but why? In my opinion, further than sophisticated tech levels, it’s a matter of design. Indeed, I feel there’s this sensation that all Apple products are like impossible treasures, so if the company produced wine or chocolates, it would be an incredible, quite well-styled food and drink.

In this way, although Apple for sure is not producing foodstuffs yet, there was a time when the company created really weird things like ties or baby carriages, in addition to different marketing strategies even applied by more renowned tech enterprises like Microsoft or IBM then.

Over time, the Apple clothes produced for everybody just did become internal exclusively, so that only the company workers had access to them as part of its allowed daily working uniforms.

Concerning the ultra rare shoes, there are two possible hypotheses or theories. First, they were manufactured for the employees, like the rest of the pieces. Second, only some prototypes were made, so among the few pieces that were made, just one ended up in the hands of some lucky worker — which would explain why there is practically no information about it.


In 2007 there was another auction on eBay of an identical pair of shoes that sold for a measly $79. Are they the same ones that have now come back to the market revalued? Is there more than one pair in the world? Did Adidas really collaborate on the manufacturing of them? The mystery behind the Apple Sneakers is probably the most appealing feature of the Powerphase-similar shoes from the brand of the three stripes.

Apple’s antiques

The memorability related to Apple tends to have a lot of value as time passes. Thanks to the unstoppable growth that the company has been demonstrating in the last few years, we decide to buy many devices from the brand of the ‘bitten fruit.’

Recently a school in San Rafael, California, organized an auction of Steve Jobs’ business cards and they were sold for $10,000. Not long ago, Drake also wore a varsity jacket with the logo of the old Apple from yesteryear (when this was covered by the colors of the rainbow). If there were an auction of that garment tomorrow, we would need more fingers than we have for counting the digits on the amount of money someone could ask for it.

The Apple Sneakers just represent another challenge for the competition, and in this case, the shoe store. They rivaled Reebok who teamed up with Chanel just for the catwalk and the Nike shoes from the “Back to the Future” movie – among other sneakers that are all as wonderful as expensive. So how much would you pay for official, vintage Apple clothing?

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