Social media is like an entire world of itself, and that’s not something we should expect to change any time soon. However, with the power social media have over our lives, one has to wonder if it could potentially divide society in the years to come.

Apple’s Tim Cook seems to believe this is indeed the case, and he has taken it upon himself to warn graduates from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology about this possible threat to society. He also went on to say the internet has done wonders in the form on empowering many, but the negative aspect is there as well.

“The internet has enabled so much and empowered so many,” Cook said in an address at MIT’s graduation ceremonies in Cambridge, Massachusetts. “But it can also be a place where basic rules of decency are suspended, and pettiness and negativity thrive.”

Cook is right about the internet on how it helps many but is used as a tool to spread negativity. We should not look forward to a huge change, but already social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter are doing what they can to control harassment and other negative aspects that might cause for problems later on.

Social media affected the U.S. presidential election?


According to many political pundits, the alleged Russian help President Donald Trump got to win the election is not the only help he received. Apparently, it also has much to do with social media and the spreading of fake news. Both Twitter and Facebook came under fire for not doing enough, or failing to have the right system in place to counter what they deem as false news.

Since then, Facebook has stepped up its defense, while Twitter is following suit with a plan of its own. There’s no clear sign at the moment on whether or not these moves are effective, but time will tell. Chances are, we’ll find out in the next presidential election in four years.

College students hacked president Trump’s Twitter account?

We’ve long known that President Donald Trump had his Twitter account hacked, and Tim Cook took the opportunity to joke about it.

“I can tell college students are behind it because most of the tweets happen at 3 a.m.,” he said.

The president famously loves using Twitter. Source: Slate

Seriously, can social media truly divide us?

Ever since the end of the U.S. presidential election, I’ve witnessed many friends on Facebook end their friendship due to their political association. The amount of news relating to politics on social media has increased, and the comment sections have become more toxic as a result.

Maybe Tim Cook isn’t necessarily correct in his assumption. Maybe the problem lies in our need to choose sides instead of each other. Politics, that’s the real divider, do you not agree?

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