If you’re like me, you can’t even begin to get your day in order until you’ve had at least one cup of coffee – and I use one very loosely. El Gato Malo, also known as the Bad Cat, not only has an awesome name but is the perfect French press to help us all get off on the right foot every day.

Of course, I have always loved the process of using a press, but due to time restraints, low energy in the morning, and sometimes pure laziness, I have only used automatic coffee makers the past few years. El Gato Malo is different, though.

Not only is it fairly easy to use compared to other French presses, but the company also explains the directions thoroughly right on their site. They answer any questions you could possibly have when it comes to this awesome gadget.

Simplicity, style and a higher standard


The ease of use with El Gato Malo is pretty fantastic, but the impact of this cool machine doesn’t stop there. The high-quality metal that makes up El Gato Malo helps the device look good, too. This press is so good looking, that it can easily stay set on your kitchen counter for display when not in use.

The minimalist design of the French press meets many different tastes these days as well. El Gato Malo “brings classic coffee and tea making to the 21st century with its stainless steel outer appearance and its double-walled capsule. It’s a beautiful addition to anyone’s home,” says Miss Millennia Magazine.

So whether you are a college student that wants to make your coffee in style or you’re a first-time homeowner that is looking to add a cool, function piece to your kitchen, this French press is definitely a great option. 

Why should you use a French press?

Many people don’t know the difference between a regular drip coffee maker and a French press, other than the way they look. The two actually offer completely different flavors and tastes, and the French press is a clear winner.

The CEO of Starbucks once made a surprising comment in 2012 saying, “that the best cup of coffee was one that could be made at home by a simple French press.” If the guy behind the most popular coffee chain in the world prefers it, that’s really saying something.

French presses are simpler than drip coffee makers, too. We’ve grown to love the automation of using a drip maker – we get to set a timer before bed and forget about it. In reality, taking a few minutes each morning to use a press is totally worth it.

It has a plunger to keep the grounds out of your coffee but lacks a filter. This allows the oils from the beans into the final product. Many people believe this is where a richer flavor comes from when they use a French press. If a device like this gives you better flavor, then why wouldn’t you get one with such a cool name, too?

“El Gato Malo provides simple, elegant solutions to our customers’ daily coffee routines with only the finest coffee accessories,” says the company behind the gadget. In this machine, we get functionality, style, flavor, and much more.

Check out more on El Gato Malo here. Be sure to get yours while they last, too!

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*This is a sponsored post created for El Gato Malo. All opinions expressed are 100% ours.