Google has recruited ex-Apple engineer Manu Gulati, but who is Manu Gulati? The future of the iPhone might be in a position of ‘checkmate’ with this last move from the big G.

The legacy of Manu Gulati at Apple

Gulati’s experience inside Apple was not very limited. In fact, as an important part of the team from Cupertino, Gulati has been involved in the design of the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV processors. No matter whether you like Apple products or not, no one can deny that they are pretty awesome!

He’s also mentioned in dozens and dozens of patents related to Apple technologies, including one linked to Apple’s Touch ID.


That being said, those patents listed as invented by Gulati, hand in hand with Apple, just point toward Gulati’s capabilities, but they don’t specify what he’ll do at Google. How will the company take advantage of this proven engineer? One smartphone, three words: Google Pixel 3.

Brand new Silicon Valley G’s philosophy: “Made by Google.”

According to the Google job listing, they were looking to fill a “Mobile SOC Lead Physical Designer, Hardware” position, which Gulati is now in. Through this important signing, Google goes so far as to specifically mention how they’ll soon make their own processors, introducing an all homemade, fresh philosophy for the company at the same time.

“Our computational challenges are so big, complex and unique we can’t just purchase off-the-shelf hardware, we’ve got to make it ourselves,” wrote Google. So if it seemed that the big G wanted to launch its own processors with its smartphones, this now confirms it.

The launch of the Google Pixel entailed going from only taking care of the operating system to also designing the hardware. In this way, Google needs to start designing their own processors, and they would be getting closer to a smartphone like the iPhone – or better. Should Apple worry about it? First the brain drain and now this. Just a low blow.

It may not be a competitor for the iPhone

So far, smartphone competitors have not been at the iPhone level, making it really easy for Apple to successfully conquer even other markets like the watchmaking while working on the iPhone at a relaxed pace. Have you ever thought about the differences between iPhone and Android smartphones that create a wide breach are?

Apple vs Google

The iPhone is a smartphone that achieves the same performance as Android phones with components that are not of too much level, and that was possible because Apple designs the operating system, the smartphone, and also the processor. The same story of why iPhone cameras are so good, just like professional devices, but with few megapixels.

So Google did realize of that, and although the Google Pixel 2 will probably be launched with the Qualcomm chip, there’s an opportunity for the company to differentiate their Resultado de imagen para iPhone kingGoogle Pixels on the Google Pixel 3, working with the one and only Manu Gulati.

Finally, with one of the most significant iPhone contributors onboard Google’s tech-ship, it just remains to be seen if finally next year there’s a really innovating smartphone. One that finally dethrones the amazing, ten-years-old Apple iPhone.