Sony took to the stage at E3 2017 where the company made several big announcements concerning video games. Expectations were through the roof, but for some odd reason, Sony failed to deliver on something spectacular and chose to repeat what it did at E3 2016.

We say repeat because most of Sony’s showing at its press conference was all about games we’ve seen at the previous E3. Titles such as “God of War,” “Detroit: Become Human,” “Days Gone,” “Spider-Man,” and others.

Unfortunately, the majority of the games shown were nothing new, and as such, the conference fell apart because of it. It was as if Sony had nothing new to share with the gaming world, and from our point of view, that’s precisely the case.

Showing too much comes back to bite

Sony is a company known for announcing several big titles at E3, and many of these are video games not set to be released for the next three or more years after the initial announcement. To make matters worse, the Japanese giant also has a tendency of announcing games without release dates in a bid to prop up its showing.


However, it would seem as if Sony couldn’t get its hands on working titles to show off at E3 2017, a move that proves the organization made a terrible decision. If we look at how Microsoft tends to do things, it doesn’t announce titles at E3 that are not set to hit store shelves in the next 18 months.

There are times when some titles completely missed their release dates, but for the most part, Microsoft gets it right.

Sony needs to follow the Microsoft model

The issue with Sony’s E3 2017 conference, from our perspective, is that it doesn’t have any new games currently in development ready for public showing. Because of this, showing old titles was likely the only option available.

We can only hope the company learns a thing or two from Microsoft as it goes forward into the future. Only announce games coming out in the current or subsequent year, for failing to go this route could cause problems when the games are not in full swing.

Now, let’s make this clear, Sony did announce quite a few games that are new. The thing is, these titles were not exciting and added to the reasons why the conference was a bore. Yes, we finally got the chance to see extended gameplay from several titles announced at E3 2016, but you know what? We weren’t impressed.

“God of War” felt like more of the same when it comes down to hack and slash games, and “Days Gone” came off as more of a poor man’s version of “The Last of Us.” Well, at least there’s always next year for Sony to try again.

This E3 belongs to Microsoft, no doubt about that, friends.