Amazon Rumored to Have their Hearts Set on Slack

Amazon Slack MoneyIt seems like Amazon is constantly trending in the news now. First, they crept up on us by opening the creation of applications for their Echo Dot line of voice automated gadgets to 3rd party developers, which seemed to cause the amount of available “Skills” to increase exponentially. We also learn that Jeff Bezos is investing billions of dollars to continue to incentivize these 3rd party developers.

Next, they launched the Echo Look which functions just like the “Echo” but with an integrated camera for additional features. Soon after that it is revealed that Amazon stock has reached $1000 per share, which is a definite milestone. Now, there is talk of them buying “Slack” for $9 billion dollars!

What Does all of this Mean Though?

Well, according to Amazon’s newfound object of affection serves somewhere in the ballpark of around 5 million active users daily. Around 1.5 million of those users are paying customers. About a year ago, they were valued at somewhere around $3.5 billion dollars.

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Despite excellent numbers, Slack’s CEO and Co-founder Stewart Butterfield, indicated that he believed growth would be slow and that they had a ways to go before they would reach a valuation that they ultimately aim for.

In other words, $9 billion dollars is a pretty irrefutable offer for a company that although seems to be on its way up, doesn’t seem to be likely to reach their monetary goals anytime soon.

Why Would Amazon Want Slack so Bad?

Cloud ComputingSeeing as how Amazon is competing with the big dogs, whom all have messenger systems, it would make sense that Amazon would need one too. That’s not all though. That’s just one reason why this makes sense.

What really seems to be important is the fact that Amazon has been investing so much into its developer tools, placing a huge focus on cloud-computing, and toying with AI and computer learning, it would make sense that they would also need to employ a platform that ties all of this together.

They need a platform that is user-friendly and that integrates their tools in a way that provides a better experience for their customers.

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