Microsoft has made several attempts in the past to deliver where gaming is concerned. The launch of the Xbox One was a sure-fire disaster, but with the Xbox One X, the company is making moves to regain its lost dominance in the gaming scene.

One of the titles to showcase what the Xbox One X is capable of at E3 2017, is no other than Anthem, a game designed with multiplayer in mind. We understand it’s a title similar to Destiny’s multiplayer setup, but with a vast open world filled with monsters to slay.

You and your friends become monster hunters

Ever wanted to go out into a lush and beautiful world with the primary task of killing alien-like creatures? Anthem is the game for you. The demo at E3 2017 was quite impressive, minus the fake voice chat and banter between friends. Seriously, Bioware needs to stop showing the demo of their games with fake banter.

It didn’t take long for the two players to enter the world, and from there, they began to lay waste to everything in sight. There’s a story here, but at the moment, it’s difficult to tell what’s it about, but that’s something we’ll learn more about as time goes by.


After the main combat, the players called in two other friends to join the fight, and off they went

Now, the exosuits, known as Javelins, are the most important aspect of gameplay. These suits allow players to stand toe-to-toe with the creatures beyond the walls. Not only that, they can be customized to fit for particular situations.

How does Anthem stack up on the Xbox One X?

The folks at Digital Foundry went ahead and did their routine investigation into the technology behind the demo shown at E3 2017. Furthermore, we should point out that Microsoft spoke a lot about real 4K, so Anthem should be a large representation of that, right?

Not so, according to Digital Foundry. It is 4K, that’s for sure, but not native 4K. The game’s resolution is dynamic, meaning it is upscaled from a lower resolution to meet the 4K demand. We’ve gotten used to this technique with the PlayStation 4 Pro, and Microsoft made it clear in leaked papers that the Xbox One X has the power to hit native 4K, but it’s all up to developers.

Still, the lack of native 4K render doesn’t seem to bother Digital Foundry as they went ahead and praised the game in almost every aspect where graphics is concerned. Yes, the Checkerboard artifacts are there, but motion blur helps to smooth out the image, so they are not extremely visible.

The guys ended the video by pointing out that this is merely a demonstration of the game. This is saying, the final product might look even better, and it gives an excellent example of what Microsoft wants to accomplish with the upcoming Xbox One X.

Not to mention, Anthem is set for release in 2018 on all systems outside of the Nintendo Switch, so there’s ample time yet for the Bioware to make some drastic changes.