Summers can be brutal. It’s hot, everyone gets cabin fever by being inside all day everyday, and the kids get bored very easily. One good way to get the family out of the house is by taking a road trip. It’s easier than dealing with flying or traveling by train, and much cheaper too. The problem is it’s also super messy. Without any kind of car seat protector, food and other debris end up getting all over the place and it’s a real pain to clean up.

I remember going on long trips as a kid and practically living in a multi-passenger van for days on end. I come from a huge family, so out of necessity we ate in the car, had drinks in the car, and even changed in the car if we needed to along the way.

For anyone with small children in car seats, this can be a nightmare. By the time we got to our destination, it may have been cheaper to just burn it and start over. Luckily for parents and small passengers these days, the Neat Parents reversible car seat protector keeps everything nice and neat for when you travel long distances or just want to avoid any kind of unpredictable mess.

The car seat protector for everyone

This cool accessory keeps the little ones in the car from accidentally spilling any kind of food or liquid, getting dirt in the seats that’s hard to get rid of, and even losing toys or small items within the creases and crevices of the seats.


What makes it even better is other than it’s capabilities of avoiding these disasters, this seat protector is super easy to use and looks great in any vehicle!

The durability behind the product is great for every car seat in every car. The company stands by this promise, too. “Carefully crafted with ultra-durable, highly-padded fabric, our seat covers keep booster or car seats from sliding around. What’s more, they absorb the messes kids make before they fall between the cracks,” says Neat Parents.

The protector guarantees protection by offering a padding to keep the car seat from sliding around and allowing the cracks in between the seats to remain covered up. This also reduces any wear-and-tear on the actual seat as well. It is also completely reversible.

Whether you have light or dark interior, this car seat protector can be put to good use without sacrificing any kind of style or taste you may have.

How it measures up to the competition

The idea of using a car seat protector to avoid messes while traveling is not a new one. There are other products on the market that offer some sort of protection, but Neat Parents has their own way of providing something extra.

Most comparable protectors take care of keeping your back seat from wearing down over time after you buckle in a car seat over and over. Neat Parents have designed this car seat protector to not only keep your seat from experiencing wear-and-tear, but also keep it safe from spills and dirt – and allowing you to remain stylish while using it!

The price of this protector is also very competitive. You can’t really find any other products in the same price range that offer so many different things. It’s easy to install, able to fit into any back seat regardless of design or size, and can be moved from car to car with ease. You won’t find that in just any car seat protector.

We urge you to give this neat product from Neat Parents a try to see how well it works for you. You’ll definitely see a difference in how often you have to get your car detailed, that’s for sure.

*This is a sponsored post created for Neat Parents. All opinions express are 100% ours.