Verizon’s LTE network is rather amazing. Customers have experienced fast data speeds for years, and now the company is done rolling out its LTE network for calling, too. In conjunction with the LTE calling capabilities, Verizon has also decided to halt all CDMA connections with the hopes of relying solely on the more advanced connection in the very near future.

Verizon has also chosen a very unlikely handset to launch as their first LTE-only phone. The LG Exalt LTE is merely a flip phone that looks absolutely nothing like the advanced devices we use in our day-to-day lives now. In fact, personally it’s giving me some circa 2007 vibes – right up there with the Sidekick or the Razr.

So why would the large cell service company choose a phone with what some may call archaic features to add LTE-only capabilities to? Well, in true Verizon fashion, the company is actually thinking two steps ahead.

The LG Exalt LTE could be the perfect choice


By offering a more basic phone, Verizon is putting itself in a position to gain more older or less tech-savvy customers. Keep in mind the company is hoping to end its CDMA network altogether, but older generations are very weary of switching to more advanced smartphones. They choose to stick to their basic handhelds for as long as they can. They feel that older devices are easier to use, not as confusing, and never need to be updated in order to allow access to certain features.

Parents are also sometimes uneasy about allowing their young children to have access to thew outside world – and everything that’s out there – by giving them a cell phone. The LG Exalt LTE gives the security and peace of mind that comes along with an LTE connection. One can use their device in more places, calls are clearer, etc. It also doesn’t give the child the ability to use social media mediums like Snapchat (which has been linked to increases in cyberbullying), Facebook, Twitter, and more. Without access to these applications, parents can rest easy knowing their child has a device they need that won’t steer them in what could be a negative direction.

Will Verizon’s plan for an LTE network be enough?

Verizon’s decision to move forward with all of these advances in technology with LTE-only phones a massive LTE network comes at a pretty ironic time. T-Mobile recently announced that it will be gaining traction in the 5G network market very soon, which could essentially leave Verizon in the dust. “5G will be amazing, and we can’t even imagine all the cool stuff it will bring, just like with our earlier network innovations. That’s why truly mobile 5G has to be nationwide — period, the end,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile.

Whether or not Verizon and other carriers are also making plans for 5G connections in the near future remains to be unseen, but it’s very likely that they are ignoring the rapid growth of cellular connectivity and what it’s capable of. If Verizon is successful in its endeavor in LTE-only handhelds, then maybe the carrier can hack into the stubborn consumer and get some of the competitors’ subscribers onboard as well.