They say that when you don’t plan it, all comes out perfect. And so that was the post-wedding story of Jermyn Wee and Chia Suat Huang, a couple of geeks who proclaimed their love for Apple (and each other) at an Apple Store in Singapore.

… And they lived hAppley ever after!

So the story goes like this: not planned out in advance with Apple, put a camera shy but also huge Apple fan guy in the same wedding that a bride who wants an unusual, cool after-marriage photoshoot as the souvenir. The result? The one-off Singapore’s Apple Store as the location where he couldn’t say no to being snapped.

Once decided and agreed both sides’ dreamed location, thereupon the newlyweds appeared at the Apple Store 30-minutes before the doors were to open. However, luckily for them, the manager of the department gave the green light thanks to their bridesmaids and groomsmen convincing power, just 10-minutes earlier the opening.


As if it were a chapel, the couple staged a walk down the ‘aisle’ of display tables with Apple products on them. During the whole public celebration, as customers and workers cheered on the newly married couple, the wedding photographer did his job and snapped some incredible, life-lasting souvenir pictures. Now, the only one storehouse of the brand at Singapore just became the first Apple post-wedding ceremony photo scene as well.

Apple wedding

The funniest part is that if you ever showed up a few minutes prior to the store’s opening to buy anything, you’d probably be turned back and told that the Apple Store’s insurance carrier won’t allow the location to do so.

The only thing left to confirm is: would have had the manager some sort of detail for the bridegrooms? I mean, at least a pair of Apple EarPods could have been an excellent wedding gift.

iRing: So Apple, would you marry your customers for the rest of your life?

If now soon the Tim Cook’s Apple Park would start warmly accommodating worldwide geek lovers so that they can marry in one of the most amazing tech buildings on Earth, nobody knows. Crackpot? I don’t think so since it wasn’t even publicly inaugurated and its CEO already celebrated a multimillionaire lunch there for charity purposes, so everything’s possible.

In any case, deep inside, Apple has a straight relationship with engagement — Or how they called it in 2015: the ‘smart engagement.’ In fact, I’m talking about this never developed Apple patent registered and published in that year, related to a wearable in shape of a ring.

Although so far they just left all us with the desire of more, hope must never be given up. The patent described a device which would have a display, motion sensors, and biometrics, as well as support for voice commands to control other Apple products. Actually, it was the first Apple patent showing up a smart wearable different than a watch.

Among other interesting features that weren’t even applied in their smartwatches was the one that stated the ring would allow the user to send or receive money with another user who also has a ring just by shaking hands and issuing voice commands as a method of authorization. Sadly, the company has been bustling working on its next iPhone, improving the accuracy of their maps, and being the number one worldwide watchmaker in what concerns to wearables.

Anyways, if Apple could dust off its smart ring concept, perhaps the company would become the number one proposal ring seller, and so its customers just will need a simple word answer to accept the marriage question: iDo — A millionaire nickname idea for an Apple smart ring, huh?