When it comes to the number of technological devices that are available for individuals to own, it is safe to say that in the United States alone, more than 50 percent own more than one device and that is a mild estimate; admittedly, I fall within this category owning a minimum of four products. 

Obviously, this is a huge category; so, I will simplify this to consist of tablets, cellphones and voice assistant devices.  These products are more than enough to get my point across since one common thing they all possess is the ability to link them up with one another. 

This can be considered a blessing for several reasons and am confident that a large amount of people does link/sync their devices with each other.  However, this can be considered unwise for several reasons in which disaster may soon follow. 

Therefore, is linking your devices with each other more of a danger than it would be a benefit?

How do devices sync?


Whether you own an iOS device, an Android device or a voice assistant (VA) device, they all can sync their devices with each other that use the same platform.  Anyone who uses Apple products uses an operating system of iOS; so, an iPhone can link to their iPad so that both devices will contain the same data which naturally makes things easier for the user. 

Android products use an Android operating system; so, cellphones and tablets that use the same platform can sync all their data to both devices for the user to access.  The other way to sync up is to take either platform someone is using and then link them to a voice assistant, such as the Amazon Echo or the Google Home, so that important data will be added to your devices.  With that said, let us look at some benefits of syncing your devices together.

The benefits of syncing devices

When your devices are all in sync, this can prove helpful in various situations.  Anyone who shares the use of a VA, someone could be out shopping when the individual at home realizes something needs to be added to a shopping list.  By using the VA, the person can state what to add to the shopping list and a text will arrive shortly afterwards to the person’s device shopping what additional item needs to be purchased. 

There is another product I forgot to mention that belongs in this category and that is the Smart Watch, Android, and Apple Watch, Apple.  I mention this as another benefit to syncing which is getting notifications through your cell phone when it should not be seen; taking cellphone out to check notifications during a business meeting is a no-no. 

Linking your iPhone to your Apple Watch makes it easy to check notifications without getting caught. One other reason is if a device goes down taking all your data with it, having it linked to another device means your data will remain safe.  Now that I provided a few benefits to syncing your devices, it is time to look at how doing this could be disastrous.

And, the bad news…

Anyone who knows anything about technology is familiar with the dreaded term known as a virus.  Mostly, people will associate viruses with their desktop computer or even their laptop in which once contracted with one, it could spell the end for their system and data. 

Unfortunately, mobile devices, such as your cellphones and tablets, can contract viruses as well.  When a single device gets a virus, and ends up destroying the data that is on there, this is an unpleasant situation; however, if the infected device is synced to other devices in which the virus can spread to them, then it becomes a horrific tragedy as this could have been avoided by not linking all the devices together. 

Another danger with syncing is if one person can find a way to hack just one of your connected devices, this would usually mean access would be granted to all those devices and the havoc that can be caused is unimaginable! 

One of the main goals of technology is to assist people in making their lives better and easier to do specific tasks.  Having all your data easily accessible is productive and does away with unwanted stress.  There are so many reasons that I have not mentioned which makes syncing all your devices a huge benefit. 

Nevertheless, it is important to realize that when something has a positive side to it, there is also a negative side as well.  That is why anyone who links their devices together should have a back-up in place that is not tethered just in case the worst scenario would occur.  So, do you think syncing up your devices is more dangerous than beneficial?