Beware the convenience of your mobile devices

Sometime between the discovery of cancer and the invention of the cellphone, we learned that the two were linked in some way. We were told that using a cell phone too much would give you a brain tumor or worse, brain cancer.

Not long after that, it was deemed an old wives’ tale and completely untrue, so people started to ignore these warnings because the alternative was to simply not use your phone anymore and that was just crazy talk, right? 

Well, the truth has finally come out once again and this time we have actual documentation. The superior court has ordered California’s Department of Public Health (CDPH) to disclose their findings from a suit filed by Dr. Joel Moskowitz of UC Berkeley’s Community of Health.

The research was taken over a ten year period and found that people that used cellphones over said period were at a much higher risk of cancer and even brain tumors thanks to the Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) emitting from a cell phone. The scarier part is that these EMFs are more severe in children and can even pass deeper inside their brains.


These findings were first discovered in 2010, but were suppressed over the fear of public distress and panic. This thought is scarier than the thought of cancer to me, because I wonder what else we are being shielded from for fear that we cannot handle it?

The skeptics are wrong

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has also conducted a little research of their own. In Canada it is the law that cellphones (as well as their manuals) state that you must keep the phone 5-15 millimeters away from your body at all times to avoid radiation; this varies by phone. Yet, 81% of their citizens had no idea of these risks.

Some skeptics like to backtrack and say “oh no, that’s just another health scare like ‘red meat is bad’ or ‘Splenda is healthier than sugar.’” But they would be dead wrong because these findings are well founded and accurate. 

For example, the research in Berkeley was done by scanning both sides of the brain and it was found that the side with the cancer (or tumors) was the same side that that person held the phone to. Besides, if you want children one day, you’ll use your laptop on a desk instead of your lap.

Thanks to our advancements in radiation detection technology, we have also found that talking on the phone in the car intensifies the radiation because of the metal in the chassis and roof. Even resting a phone, tablet, or laptop directly on your body or even your pocket (or bra) can be subjecting yourself to radiation.

How to prevent these problems

The radiation that emits from your mobile device is something called Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) and the limit is supposed to be set at 1.60 w/kg over 1 gram/tissue, which is basically how much gets into your body. Unfortunately, as of July of 2016 around 89% of phones manufactured in America are well over that threshold.

The first precaution you can take is getting a cell phone cover, but not just any will do; it must be an RFID blocking case or sleeve. It is probably the most advanced anti-radiation technology available at this time.

Another great way is to keep the phone away from you whenever possible. During calls, this can be achieved by using the call speaker or a headset. It is also a good idea to never use the device in a car (which you shouldn’t be doing anyway) and try to keep it out of your pocket.

A little known fact about radiation from phones is that they emit more of it when reception is at two bars or less, so it would be a good idea to get a phone or plan with great service. If you pair these precautions with a quality RFID blocking sleeve, then you should be good to go.

Safesleeve: The real cell phone cover

When it comes to RFID blocking cell phone sleeves, Safesleeve is at the top with their ability to block 99% of radiation and being FCC certified. Their covers come in three varieties: iPhone, Galaxy, and everything else. They have a sophisticated billfold look that comes with pockets for cards and ID.

They also have them for laptops in both 13″ and 15″ which will fit just about any laptop on the market regardless of the manufacturer. There are also two separate models of tablet sleeves for both Apple users and non-Apple users.

Get your SafeSleeve Case to protect yourself and loved ones from unnecessary radiation.

All these products have the same lab-tested shielding technology paired with a professional look and feel. Their prices are extremely competitive when taking into account their safety for not only your life, but the life of your device as well.

They look great and they help to prevent the risks we’ve talked about, so get yours here.

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