A year ago, “Pokémon GO” took the world by storm, and the developers are hoping to regain lost usership with a new addition known as raid battles, along with simplified gyms.

When Niantic, the developer of “Pokémon GO” released the first trailer for the game, it introduced raid battles, so we’re surprised it took so long to get implemented. At the time, it was only a concept, but it now seems as if Niantic has gotten that idea to work.

When will raid battles launch?

The company claims fans can get the chance to take part in these battles in the coming weeks. Furthermore, raid battles will be held in current gyms, allowing players from around the world to fight a rare and powerful Pokémon together.

Before a fight begins, the player will see a countdown timer and an egg icon. Additionally, there are four boss icons that tell the difficulty of the Pokémon. Now, when the countdown timer drops to zero, the Pokémon will come out of hiding, and players will then have a limited time to capture it.


The good thing about Raid battles is that they can be performed with up to 20 players, whether public or private. Now, a lobby will pop up that shows the players and the type of Pokémon destined to join the fight. Knowing the kind of Pokémon, you’re fighting should give players ample time to better prepare themselves for what’s to come.

The massive health bar issue returns

While raid battles do sound exciting, Niantic couldn’t get away from giving bosses lots of health. Such a move risk turning raid battles into long fights of spamming the same attacks over and over to get the job done.

Not fun for the long term, so we hope the developer comes up with something better for the future.

What happens when the Pokémon is defeated?

A successful battle will grant players two technical machines, rare candies, golden razzberries, and fast and charge. Furthermore, the game will give players Premier Balls to play around with, but the amount depends on the gym and the quality of the team you’re in.

Note, that if you do a good job in the battle section, you’ll have a better chance at gaining more Premier Balls and berries to capture your favorite Pokémon.

Raid battles are designed to make sure everyone can have fun with the game, and have a chance at catching a powerful and rare Pokémon.

Gym overhaul

Before the launch of raid battles, Niantic is moving to overhaul the entire gym system. The developer said the gym system was complicated before, but things are better now and should stay like that for quite some time.

Gym level and prestige systems are gone, and how players challenge Pokémon left by other players is now different from the past. The new system has gyms with different Pokémon and six available slots. Furthermore, when players challenge a gym, they won’t take on the weakest creature, but rather the one who was there the longest.

”We’re really hoping that we can broaden the scope to encompass both levels of play,” says Edward Wu, director of software engineering at Niantic. “That’s part of why the motivation system exists. If you have a fully fed, and highly motivated Pokémon who the player is constantly giving berries to, that will still provide a top-tier challenge for the folks who expect a top-tier challenge.”

Overall, we have to say that these additions to the core game improve the product, but we doubt many have any intention to return.

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