Brushing our teeth takes up to two minutes, more if you’re obsessed with bacteria. However, there’s a new technology that makes it possible for us humans to brush for up to seconds, and it’s all automatic.

It’s a new Kickstarter project known as the Amabrush. It’s a toothbrush really, but the entire thing is shaped like a mouth guard, and it brushes your teeth in just 10 seconds. It comes with a removable handle that stores the toothpaste, dispenses the toothpaste, and vibrates the brush in your mouth.

The removable handle comes with proprietary toothpaste capsules that might cause for issues down the line.

Strangely enough, there’s no smartphone app

Usually, when startup companies on Kickstarter have created something worthwhile, they tend to have an unwanted app on the side for the sake of doing things no one wants.


These guys could have created an app that pings your loved ones and friends every time you brush your teeth, but they didn’t, and that’s a smart move. Not everything needs to be connected, especially when the product is designed for hygiene purposes.

You’ll need special toothpaste

Interestingly enough, the Amabrush requires the use of special toothpaste. Consumers have an obligation to purchase toothpaste capsules from the company in order to get their teeth cleaned. Due to the design of the capsule, “the toothpaste is specially formulated as it needs to be more liquid than regular ones,” according to the Kickstarter description.

It simply means it’s not possible to purchase your favorite toothpaste to use with this product. However, the startup company wants to make it clear that a single capsule costs $3, and will last for over a month. Furthermore, the company making the toothpaste has over 100-years of experience.

“The toothpaste is formulated and produced by a major toothpaste manufacturer with a history of over 100 years,” according to the Kickstarter page. “This manufacturer fulfills the quality norm DIN EN ISO 13485 and the requirements of IFS Household and Personal Care Products, and was one of the first manufacturers in Europe retrieving the IFS-HPC certificate.”

How long does the battery last?

The creators are saying one month, but good thing it’s rechargeable. Additionally, it’s possible to use a Qi wireless charger to deliver juice to your smart toothbrush.

In terms of sharing Amabrush with others, it’s recommended. One would only need a single handle, but each party must have their own mouthpiece. Come on, who wants to stuff a used mouthpiece in their mouth.

Antibacterial material

One of the most important aspects of the Amabrush is the material of the mouthpiece. It blocks bacteria, something missing from most regular toothbrushes on the market. The creators claim it kills 99.99 percent of all bacteria, and soft enough to prevent damages to the gum.

Cleaning is easy as well. Just put it under the pipe and wash away all the nasties. That’s it.

Overall, the Amabrush is an impressive product that will cost consumers around $113. The only downside is the inability to use any toothpaste, and that could be the product’s Achilles heel going forward.

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