Picture yourself outside on a sunny day and you’re watching your son playing in the big championship football game. Your son is a wide receiver and is suddenly substituted to be a part of the last play of the game. The ball is snapped, the quarterback takes several steps back and launches a fifty-yard strike to your son as he scores the winning touchdown that you recorded the whole thing; that is, if you were not so busy trying to get your smartphone out of your pocket! Sadly, situations like this happens all to frequently as well as some recordings on smartphones tend not to be the best to view. 

Fortunately, there is a solution thanks to a product made by GoVision that allows the user to record video or take a hands-free picture! The product in question is known as the GoVision Sunglasses that has features which blows away other versions that are out there. So, let us start the conversation on breaking down GoVision Sunglasses that makes it the must-have product of the summer and beyond!

What are GoVision Sunglasses?

GoVision Sunglasses perform the obvious function of what sunglasses are supposed to do; help protect your eyes from the sun. They have polarized lens that help reduce glare from the sun, come in assorted colors and appear to look stylish. I purchased their original pair several years ago and did the job of protecting my eyes.


So, when this version came out, I thought I would try them out and while offering protection for my eyes as their earlier version did, what this is able to accomplish now blows the original product away! Now we can look at the other features that these sunglasses offer that makes it worth getting. 

Recording Video in 1080p High Definition Quality

Remember the father I mentioned earlier who was fumbling with his smartphone and missed the opportunity of recording his son’s winning touchdown? This would not have happened if he was wearing GoVision Sunglasses as it can record video of 1080p High Definition quality! Just by tapping a button, whatever the user looks at gets recorded without having to waste time getting your smartphone out and then setting it up to record. While there is an issue where the video can get blurry for a second when you turn around quickly and the lens in the center of the sunglasses adjusts, the video clarity is much better than the original. This feature alone would make it worth getting this product; however, there is so much more you can do.

Takes Pictures of 15 Mega Pixel Quality

While the previous GoVision Sunglasses had the ability to take pictures, the quality was not the greatest as it would come out blurry or the mega pixels used was of a lower caliber. However, this version is a big step up as the quality of each picture is 15 mega pixels! The way to take video and pictures are similar in that you need to first power on the unit first. Once on, the glasses automatically begin recording video as the center of the glasses is where the camera lens is located. A red light will begin flashing which means video is recording and pressing it again for one second will stop recording and go into picture mode.

The red light will stay solid and when you want to snap a picture, press the camera button, wait a moment and then a picture will be taken; hands-free of course! I have included two pictures that I took with the GoVision Sunglasses to demonstrate the picture quality. You can tell the difference between taking one with poor lighting while the other with better lighting.

Normally, I would be ready to finish the discussion since these features are enough to entice tech-gadget lovers as well as those who are looking for a way to record video or take pictures hand-free; yet, I have one other thing to share that should seal the deal.

Bluetooth Connectivity, Speakers, and a Microphone – Oh My!

That’s right, what the last pair of GoVision Sunglasses did not have, this pair allows you to connect to your Android or iOS smartphone to the sunglasses so you can do so much more while being hands-free! Want to answer your phone without having to reach for it?  Just press a button on the sunglasses and you can talk to the caller and listen thanks to the built-in speakers and microphone. You can ask Siri a question buy holding down a button for a few seconds and when finished, you can listen to the answer through the speakers. Runners will love the fact that they can listen to their music through their sunglasses but not have problems hearing what is around them. By the way, while other brands are going for over $100, you can purchase this for roughly $80! Now, do I have any offers?

One Final Thought

Even though I do not consider myself presently as a salesman, I realize that how I presented this product to you that my telemarketing skills are still a part of my makeup. Regardless, this is an item that you should not let pass you by. The GoVision Sunglasses do an excellent job of protecting the user from the glare of the sun thanks to the lens being polarized.

Next, the product offers the ability to record 1080p HD video and take 15 MP pictures hands-free. Furthermore, utilizing the built-in microphone and speakers that can pair with a smartphone using Bluetooth connectivity; GoVision Sunglasses is the product to be able to use for the summer and beyond! I should point out that if you order this product through HSN, it costs $79.99 but can make three-monthly-flex payments of only $26.65! So, the only question that remains is “What do you think?”