(No Spoilers!) The video-game derived anime series arrived as a Netflix original on July 7, 2017. So far it’s a hit! For those of you who don’t know, it was a video game designed for the original Nintendo gaming system. It was first released May 1, 1987.

castlevania photo

Castlevania puts you into the role of outcast Simon Belmont, a vampire killer. They give you an array of different weapons that one would use to fight off evil vampires in a decrepit church, including a signature whip, holy water, a cross, stopwatch, and an ax. In the beginning of the game, Belmont is provided a leather whip that can be upgraded to a chain-link whip which can then be powered up to extend the range of the whip.

A Video Game for Kids and Adults

castlevania video game photoIt’s an unusually dark game for kids. We’re going to take a long shot by saying this, but this could even be one of those games they used to reference in the “Weekly Reader” as being the type of game that could be a bad influence on your kids.


Admittedly, it may not be wise to encourage kids to go around throwing holy water and whipping objects off the wall. Unless you really understood the premise of the game you might not really have had to worry about being negatively affected when everything is 2d and heavily pixelated almost beyond recognition.

Castlevania’s Popular Soundtrack

Castlevania D Frawg
Screenshot from D Frawg’s music video.

If you’re like me, it has probably been such a long time since you’ve played the game that the only thing you really remember about it is the soundtrack. There were quite a few video games that had awesome soundtracks and this was definitely one of them. In fact, I’m not the only one who thinks so. Check out what these guys have done with the soundtrack: D-FrawgSideviewerPixel Pirates,Play! Orchestra (Dubstep Remix) – Dubstep Hitz. Some of these are very interesting if I should say so myself.

So as you can see, many of us have very fond memories of this game from an early age, so the nostalgia is going to get us all. Most importantly, what is cooler than a video game with vampires, whips, crosses, axes, and holy water?

Castlevania Dubstep Game Music AlbumMaybe the premise doesn’t seem very kid friendly but most of us didn’t realize we were throwing “holy water” and we all loved this game growing up. The Netflix series, however, is a more-so adult than kid-friendly show.

Castlevania is Being Renewed for a 2nd Season

Everyone whom I have heard referencing the Netflix series on Facebook is saying the same thing. “It’s too short.” Any series that you can walk away from wanting more of has probably met their objective. For those of you who have binge-watched this short series, we have good news for you all. It has, in fact, been renewed for another season so we’re looking forward to that.

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