Global tech accessory company ZAGG promotes their latest IFROGZ line of Bluetooth audio accessories as affordable, yet stylish accessories for customers looking for value-for-money.

Moving on from mostly wireless earphones, the IFROGZ brand has expanded their offerings to on-ear headphones and a wireless speaker as well.

We received the Impulse Wireless Earbuds, Coda Wireless Headphones, and Coda Wireless Sspeaker for a hands-on review. So how did the wireless audio devices measure up?

Impulse Wireless Earbuds

Impulse Wireless Earbuds. Credit: Megan Ellis

A major player and much-praised product in the IFROGZ wireless audio range is this pair of earphones.


Rather than simulating the style of Apple’s Air Pods or some other wireless earphone brands, the Impulse Wireless earphones connect to a wireless hub that clips onto your clothing. The design choice is interesting – and actually works in the device’s favor.

While some question the presence of the hub, it actually gives you more freedom to move away from your phone. The very small clip-on hub is equipped with volume controls, the ability to navigate through tracks and switch the earphones on and off.

The wireless hub for the Impulse earphones. Credit: Zagg

This means you don’t have to keep your phone around should you want to change a song or adjust the volume, which is often a problem with other wireless audio devices.

The most surprising thing about the earphones are their quality. They have a sleek but understated design which make them seem unassuming. But once you’ve paired them with your phone, their quality is rather impressive. The audio is clear, without the background noise or tinniness that you often hear with earphones designed for phones.

They are clearly promoted as a premium product, with a lifetime warranty for the ear tips and up to 10 hours of battery life. At a price of $39.99 however, they fall well below the prices of many competitors.

As mentioned before, the style of the earphones is sleek and simple. However, its aesthetics are great – without the gaudy, overly conspicuous style that many wireless earphones have today. Despite the simple design, they earphones have staying power and don’t easily wriggle out of your ears.

This makes them quite versatile – to the point that I’ve used them while falling asleep and listening to narration for sleep-aid apps. While the earbuds obviously came out while I tossed and turned, I didn’t find myself in a tangle of wires in the morning. The earphones were still clipped to my shirt and tucked away comfortably.

Coda Wireless Headphones

The new rose gold Coda Wireless On-Ear Headphones. Credit: Megan Ellis

There are two things that stand out about Coda’s Wireless Headphones – the great design and the price. They are not over-the-top headphones that will attract stares, but rather minimalistic and beautiful in their simplicity.

The headphones do partially rest on your ears, rather than completely surrounding them like gaming headsets. This does mean that after prolonged use your ear cartilage can get a bit sensitive, but the lightweight design of the headphones means that you won’t suffer from neck strain after a long session.

You can choose for the low-key yet attractive black version of the headphones, or the more trendy rose gold design. There are also blue and red versions available.


The headphones also come with a microphone so that you can take calls if needed. For some reason though, this didn’t work on my specific review device. While the audio was clear, the mic only emitted high-pitched noise to the caller. However I spoke to another reviewer who had no problem using the mic – so it was an issue with my specific pair of headphones rather than the product.

This may be linked to the fact that the headphones were a bit finnicky when I tried to plug in USB charging cables.

I wasn’t too bothered by the mic though, as I primarily used the headphones to listen to music. In case there was a call, I could just use my phone’s microphone instead.

Like the Impulse Wireless Earphones, one of the most impressive aspects of the product is the price. They retail for only €29.99 ($34).

It also comes with an aux cable which you can use when Bluetooth is not an option (such as on flights).

Coda Wireless Speaker

The Coda Wireless Speaker. Credit:

The Coda Wireless Speaker is a very affordable Bluetooth speaker for consumers, and is marketed as a great portable audio gadget for festivals.

Despite it’s small size, the device packs quite a punch in the audio department. You won’t be hearing any face-melting bass, but the volume is more than adequate for playing in a room or your car.

The size works in the speaker’s favor, as it is incredibly portable. It would be easy to slip the device into a bag without worrying about it taking up too much space.

The speaker can also act as a conference call device, due to the inclusion of a microphone. While its mic doesn’t have the crisp clarity of a high-end headset, it gets the job done.

However, its strength lies mostly in its audio quality and affordability. It is the cheapest of the latest wireless audio lineup from IFROGZ, at only €14.99 ($17).


The IFROGZ wireless audio line-up is not perfect, but provides a great and affordable option for budget-conscious consumers.

Despite lower prices, the audio quality of their Bluetooth devices is great for everyday use while on-the-go. If you’re more of an audio aficionado, you will want to look at more premium products with a higher price tag. But if you’re an everyday user who just wants some quality devices, these are an awesome choice.

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