When Apple showed the world its headphones the wireless ones the controversy was intense. Nevertheless, when people started trying them, it was just a matter of days to realize the world was in the presence of one of the most consistent Apple accessories.

Truth be told, our expectations with the AirPods didn’t go far enough since they are silently turning into a driving force for the company. In fact, we need no more evidence than trying to order them in the official online store, Apple.com, where the requests have been late for up to six weeks, a considerably slow shipping in contrast with other accessories and products from the storehouse.

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However, to prove it, I refer to the figures. To name but one, recently the Piper Jaffray research analyst firm has revealed a projection report on the various Apple products, where they assure that the AirPods will be giving more profits than the Apple Watch for 2022 And that means a lot of money and influence, considering this year Apple already beaten the record as a watchmaker enterprise.


So, what’s the fuss about the AirPods? Can we guess why did Apple bet on wireless earbuds to shake things up? I have some hypotheses related to unknown features of the product, and you’ll be shocked by reading them, perhaps so much so that you’ll consider investing in both the original ones or a cool replica like the BlackPods, in case you didn’t yet.

The AirPods hidden functions Apple never told you

So yes, the company of the bitten fruit did install a series of simple commands that serve to listen to music, to take photos, to pause calls, etc. And sorry, Apple did not tell you because that’s what they do to keep the fire burning. Anyway… You are welcome!

Music Apps

Whether it’s Spotify, or any other platform for playing music, you can use your wireless headset to move in freely without touching your iPhone: Press the AirPods’ middle button and pause a song or play it. Press it twice to skip the song, or three, if you want to go back to the previous song. Now, if you want to repeat the same one, just press three times but hold the button on the last pushing.

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Phone Calls

Probably the most known function, having in mind, that from times of caverns and dinosaurs, the headphones come with the feature of letting the user answering an incoming call by pushing a button. Nevertheless, what about turning down the unwanted calls through the earbuds?

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If you do not want or can not take a call, simply press the center button for two seconds. If another call is received when you are making a call, press the middle button once so that the current call is put on hold, as the AirPods detect these circumstances and there is no risk that one of the calls hang up  All the same, it may be overwhelming to memorize all those trick commands, so it’s always easier to just ignore the second call, ha!


Not only drones killed the selfie stick, but AirPods also did it. Did you know you can photo-shoot with them? No matter the angle and from certain distances, by pressing the ‘ ‘ button on your Apple earbuds, you can do iPhone snaps like a pro.

AI-First World

Lastly, and probably most important, it’s about the relationship between Siri and the AirPods. In a nutshell, wireless earbuds are the way Apple is boosting artificial intelligence. Indeed, if we view AirPods as a natural extension of Siri that will encourage people to rely more on voice assistants, we realize AirPods could replace a meaningful amount of interaction with the phone itself.

That being said, using AirPods means you don’t have to touch your phone to get access to your beloved voice assistant. Anytime you press the central button for two seconds, you’ll automatically hear Siri’s voice to help you in whatever you need her for.

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So, did you know those commands? For some, the AirPods are not a big deal, but I’m pretty sure all that magical features take part of the success they have and the brilliant future the analysts predict. Who knows, maybe even the Apple earbuds are the future of iPhone, which instead of growing in size could become a pair of wireless, AI-based speaker headphones.

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