Google has done a lot as concerns the demotion of pirate sites, even though its highlighted results have gotten it into trouble in the part. Platforms like Torrent freak discovered the Internet search giant’s results in the United States are now explicitly highlighting the popular pirate outlets when one searches for the best torrent sites when searching for streaming platforms spotlighting the pirate services next to legitimate providers like Hulu.

A search request for torrent sites or ‘the best torrent sites’ is going to feature results like Rarbg, pirate bay in the same manner that it would provide suggestions for the best news sites or casts for movies and music videos. Clicking one of these answers would display related search results for the website.

Google at Odds with Hollywood

Google has thus far been vague with a response to this issue, though it is safe to say the results have been unintentional. Google relies on algorithms in order to automatically generate highlight cards and realistically speaking it is not able to manually check every potential result. Though it does not have the best optics when Google code seems to be on the side of pirate sites.

These findings are not going to be of any help to Google and its link to the music, and now motion picture industry. A number of music and video industry giants have severally accused the search giant of not doing enough to prevent piracy and in some cases even enabling it.


They have regularly put forward motions which allude Google needs to remove pirate sites from the results and not just demote them within the system. This ends up adding fuel to the fire even if there happens to be an easy fix to the problem.

The firm may have to illustrate that this is just a onetime thing and not a pattern of operation. According to a spokesperson from Google, the results were not meant to reflect what the firm had in mind and that Google was looking into the problem.

Search Situation is Par for the Course

Though it is a thought provoking idea that employees at the largest internet search firm are manually curating lists, the process is completely automated. Though a number of casual torrent users could find it useful. Of course, the holders of the rights to the materials are not as happy. The automatic nature of this search result type also establishes another problem.

Though a number of people are aware that a lot of torrent sites provide pirated content, this is different from the streaming portals this leads to confusing scenarios where the search giant lists both the legal and the unauthorized streaming portals at the time the users look for platforms they can stream from.

Though the argument comes into play as this relies on algorithms which do not put stock on what is legitimate and copyrighted and what is not. Of course, Hollywood is not having any of it. It however, speaks volumes on the current market. Since the advent of YouTube  hardly anyone purchases records and tracks when they can easily get online and stream videos as many times as they want.

This forced the artists to get on board and start monetizing via the online views on YouTube. People do not want to buy anything they can easily download, stream or hack into online. This is the age of online shortcuts and in so doing, entertainment value on motion picture and audio has significantly dropped due to the availability online.

As such, Google’s introduction of the pirating sites next to the authentic ones is just par for the course and represents the typical user’s modus operandi.

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