In the past few years, drones have become a phenomenon. Many have used them for leisure just as much as they have used them for work. We’ve made quite a few discoveries using drones, and they’ve changed our overall outlook on life in many ways, but they’re not just for exploring cityscapes and going on virtual tours anymore.

As we approach a new frontier with how we use drones, one company is looking to take the lead in a particular niche – extreme sports. Airdog, who has already seen success with one autonomous action sports drone, is about to unleash their next device that is going to take all of the awesome things they’ve learned from their first model and turn it up a few notches.

Who is Airdog?

When it comes to sports, there isn’t a single person dedicated to their skill that wouldn’t want to get it on film. Airdog saw this as an opportunity to cater to a consumer that had a need no one else could meet. Prior to the company’s first drone model, there was no option for athletes that had a desire to enhance their experience with an autonomous hands-free device.

Edgars Rozentals, one of Airdog’s founders, was an avid kite surfer and skateboarder who was captivated by unmanned systems, how they worked, and how they’re controlled. With the help of a friend who was also into extreme sports, the idea of developing a drone that could follow an athlete around and recorded their adventure was implanted and Airdog was born.


After starting Airdog, Edgars recruited a team of people whose passions vary, yet have one very common goal – capturing moments that an individual would’ve never been able to see without this type of device. Through research, development, and innovation, the Airdog team has already created a revolutionary gadget that pushes the boundaries. As if that weren’t enough, they’re about to do it all over again.

The New Drone Model

After the company’s first drone, the Airdog I, launched, the feedback from consumers and sports enthusiasts around the world was astonishing. By offering the athlete a fully autonomous drone that could take off and land on its own, as well as features like sport-specific flight modes and the AirLeash, a waterproof device that allows the individual full control of the drone, the Airdog team was successful in overcoming the challenge of creating a gadget to meet such a specific need.

With the new model, the ADII, it seems the team has outdone themselves. “When people see what the product is capable of, they are truly amazed,” Airdog co-founder Agris Kipurs told TechDigg. The device takes everything that the team learned from the original and enhances the features that set it apart from all the others. The ADII broadens the company’s consumer base by offering more advanced features than its predecessor and being able to go to areas with more obstacles and rougher terrain. Argis says the new model is simply able to get the job done better than the original. 

Through improved GPS tracking and options like “At Home Return,” customization of your route and access to the device are also much simpler than before. Through these enhanced features, The ADII works in a way that is more inclusive as well. The newer model doesn’t need to be operated manually, which means everyone involved gets to be included in all the fun.

“Flight performance and versatility is what puts ADII in a class of its own,” says Edgars. With five different preset scenic capture modes, synchronization of flight and camera movement for more stability, and integration with the GoPro 5 camera system, the ADII proves itself to be not just more advanced, but also more user-friendly than the Airdog I.

The Kickstarter Campaign

Airdog has chosen to launch a Kickstarter campaign for a multitude of reasons. When I asked Agris why the company had decided on this particular crowdfunding site, he gave me a few answers, but it all came down to loyalty.

Other than reaching their goal and gaining exposure for the new model, Airdog is also looking forward to giving back to the early Kickstarter community that gave the company its initial success with the original Airdog action sports drone. 

During the first Kickstarter campaign, Airdog received such an outpour of support from the community on the crowdfunding site that it only made sense to go back to their roots this time around.

While there is already so much anticipation regarding the next campaign’s launch, Argis reminds us that it’s not all about the technology of the device itself. “The new model has been built with the consumer in mind. Its versatility and ease-of-use is perfect for land, air and water,” he says. “But it’s not about flying a drone, it’s about enjoying yourself out there [with outdoor sports].”

Airdog’s highly anticipated autonomous camera drone, the ADII, is available now exclusively on Kickstarter with complete production units available for discounted purchase and August delivery. 

AirDog ADII Kickstarter