When it comes to smart homes and personal assistants (that are not human), the Amazon Alexa has been popular for several years.  The most common devices that support Alexa are on the Amazon Echo, the Amazon Tap and the Amazon Dot. 

Even though Alexa is enabled on all the devices listed above, the two we will be discussing are the original Amazon Echo and the next generation Amazon Tap.  While both have some things in common, such as they both contain Alexa, they are different in other ways, such as the Amazon Echo is stationary while the Amazon Tab is mobile. 

Personally, I favor the Tap over the Echo for one main reason, and today’s conversation will be why I feel the Amazon Tap is better than the Amazon Echo.

Breaking Down the Amazon Echo & Amazon Tap

The logical approach to take would be to explain what the two devices are before going into why I feel the Tap is a better device.  The Amazon Echo is what truly started the birth of Amazon’s Alexa.  This smart assistant is designed to help make the user’s life better and more productive in doing daily activities such as creating a shopping list, providing information about the latest news, playing a song from a user’s playlist without having to physically access a smartphone, and much more. 


The Amazon Echo needs to be plugged into an electric outlet to operate and the several sensitive mics it possesses can hear a person’s voice roughly 30 feet away from the unit.  Simply say Alexa’s name to activate the unit and then what it is you need for Alexa to give a response.  While the sensitive mics make the stationary unit productive even if the user is in another room, mobility is not a factor unless you move the device to another part of the house and then plug it in.

The Amazon Tap is the next generation from the Echo and some refer to it as being a cousin to Echo as it is part of the Alexa family.  However, the Tap is a different animal for several reasons.  Starting off, the device itself is smaller and the circumference is less than its’ bigger cousin.  Also, it does not have the sensitive array of mics that Echo has in which you need to press the microphone icon to wake her up, hence the name tap. 

Lastly, the Tap does not need to be plugged into an outlet to work as it is mobile and has a rechargeable battery; so, when it is about out of juice, just plug it in and wait for it to recharge.  Tap can perform the same functions as the Echo does and is also a Bluetooth speaker.  Now that each device has been explained, we can look at why the Amazon Tap is better than the original Amazon Echo.

Mobility is the Key

Ignoring how the devices look and that Echo responds to voice commands quicker since the microphone icon must be pressed first before Alexa can respond, the key reason why the Tap is the better choice between the devices can be summed up in just one word; mobility. 

The design of the Tap was done differently to make it function as a 360 degree Bluetooth speaker.  Just like the original Alexa device, the personal assistant can perform the same requests as the stationary device does but it can go with you anywhere you want to take it, such as to the beach, a party or somewhere secluded to listen to music while being by yourself; just you and your Amazon Tap. 

The music is louder and more refined since Amazon wanted to give a user the option of either having a personal assistant at home or on the go with you instead of being tethered to the wall.  The bottom line is if you are comfortable with keeping Alexa in the home, go with the Amazon Echo.  However, if you are looking for something that is mobile and designed to be a great Bluetooth speaker, then the Amazon Tap is the device for you.

Echo vs Tap: What do you prefer?

Both devices use Alexa as the personal assistant that can perform many tasks to make life easier as well as protected.  Being how many people are looking for ways to make their home a smart one, Echo and Tap can assist with this as the light in my room is connected to a smart plug and linked to Alexa; so, I can now have Alexa turn my lights on and off using my Amazon Tap. 

While both utilize Alexa and everything the personal assistant can do, being able to bring her with me is a game-changer especially since the Bluetooth speaker is great for listening to music or even having a book read to you. 

Now you can understand why I feel the Tap is the better than the Echo, but it all depends on your personal preference.  What do you think?

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