NASA Releases Images from JunoCam Jupiter's "Giant Red Spot"

The great red spot is about 10,000 miles wide. The last probe that was sent to retrieve data on Jupiter’s atmosphere was the Galileo which was launched over a decade ago. Since then, changes in the shape and color of the giant red spot have been reported. In comparison, the spot has become more round in shape with more of an orange tinge.

Jupiter's red spot photo

Images are being made available to the public in a crowdsourcing effort, to encourage amateurs to enhance the distorted images. The great red spot is actually a huge “turbulent storm.” The images were taken about 5,600 miles above this gigantic storm. Scientists are excited to see what exactly is underneath the turbulent atmosphere.JunoCam Great Red Spot Middle Jupiter taken from NASA website

The images can be retrieved from NASA’s JunoCam here. If you would like to take a stab at processing the images yourself, that is highly encouraged and can be done so by going here to download, process, and then resubmit your processed images for others to vote on. Feel free to comment below with a link to your submission. We’d love to see what you come up with!


Here are a few of our favorite submissions from the JunoCam: Sean_Doran, Tom, Jorgenunez-74

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