For many, cleaning is nothing more than a tedious task, one they shouldn’t have to do. They’re not alone in this way of thinking since several companies have decided to fix the issue with robot cleaners.

Small robots cleaning the household have been a thing for quite some time, but most people are not able to afford such luxuries. The products started as nothing more than gimmicks, but today, they are much better at what they do, but not perfect.

Usually, when folks want to rid their homes of dust and other particles, a vacuum cleaner is required. If a vacuum cleaner is not present, then the old way of manually sifting the house is the only option.

We’re going to talk about the top two robot vacuum cleaners on the market today, and why you should invest if the cash is available.

Neato Botvac Connected


When one looks at robot vacuum cleaner, the first take away is that they look ugly. That’s the case for the Neato Botvac Connected. It’s an unattractive little thing, but who cares what it looks like when it is designed to leave your floors and carpets spotless.

From what we can tell, the latest Neato model is the most feature-rich robot vacuum to-date, and for a good reason. The product has the option for users to use a smartphone app to change settings among other tasks.

It comes with black boundary markers for the sole purpose of making sure the Neato doesn’t travel into spaces it shouldn’t.

There are also several brushes designed for different surfaces. One brush will work better on a carpet, while the other is better used on concrete surfaces.

Additionally, the Neato comes with a charging base and a soft bumper to protect the device and furniture from scratches.

In terms of pricing, the Neato Botvac Connected is going for $630.

iRobot Roomba 980

If you’ve been keeping up with robot vacuums, chances are the first product that comes to mind is the iRobot Roomba brand. It’s the top selling robot vacuum on the market today and for spectacular reasons. While other companies were trying on robot vacuum, the folks at iRobot were already doing a great job.

However, the company’s Roomba 980 has to take second place behind the latest Neato, but not by far. The product is circular in design and comes with quite a few brushes for the best possible clean.

When it goes on the move, it can clean for a maximum of 120 minutes on a single charge and takes up to 180 minutes to fully charge. When the device is close to running out of power, it will automatically return to charging base to gain more power before finishing the job.

Users can schedule the Roomba 980 to clean at a specified date and time, but that’s not a unique feature since all robot vacuums are capable of doing that.

Folks who are interested in the Roomba 980 must prepare to spend $800, which is quite a lot.


Now, both the Neato and the Roomba are very similar in features and performance. The Neato takes the top spot because it does a slightly better job at cleaning, and it costs less.

Still, as the market leader, iRobot doesn’t have to reduce the cost of its product unless the competition is making serious inroads.

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