The product is a 12oz. water bottle that can be used for multiple purposes, depending on how the owner intends to use it.  The product is not plastic but stainless steel that is considered high quality.  Unlike plastic, it will not melt if exposed to warmer temperatures which increases the way it can be used.  This container is listed as a water bottle but the way it is designed makes it perfect to hold liquids other than freezing water.

Alpha Armur Gets the Job Done

Getting the obvious out of the way, this is a bottle made to hold 12 ounces of water that is easily to fill as well as to drink from.  Looking at it as being used as the traditional liquid container; the insulated design will keep whatever liquid is inside cold for roughly 20 hours. 

This means besides water, any other beverage, such as ice-cold soda, can be put inside and it will remain nice and cold many hours into the day.  Whether it is a long working day, going to the gym for a lengthy workout or taking the train home from work; one thing is certain, when it is time for a nice cold drink the Alpha Armur insulated bottle will make sure your drink is nice and refreshing!


Alpha Armur Does That and More

Another beneficial use for the Alpha Armur insulated bottle is for those times that a cold beverage is not what is desired but something hot that will keep you warmed up.  During the cold and freezing times of the year, many people are not as concerned to drink something that is cold or freezing.  Instead, this is a time for possibly warm soup to help take away the chill. 

Simply pour inside the bottle the hot soup you want to have eight hours later, secure the top on and when it is time for some nice and warm soup, open the bottle and pour the soup into a bowl to consume not ice-cold but nice-hot soup; it can keep liquids hot for roughly 15 hours!

Alpha Armur Keeps the Temperature in

Since it is nicely insulated, there is no need to be concerned regarding condensation, it is durable than other water bottles that are advertised which makes it 100% leak proof.  This means that for people who are unable to have some iced or hot coffee on their time or what is provided at work, it is an obvious benefit to make coffee at home before going in to work. 

Whether your coffee going inside the water bottle is cold or hot, it is now a thermos that its’ purpose is to provide your coffee the way you want it to taste and at the temperature you want it to be.

Alpha Armur is Affordable and Colorful

The Alpha Amur water bottle is easy to carry as well as to remove the top for easy and refreshing drinking.  Anyone who is not thrilled with the silver color of the bottle, that is fine as it comes in multiple colors such as black, blue and red.  One other important detail is that the cost is affordable and you do not need to break the bank to purchase one.  Simply do a search on the color and size you want and results will show the price, color and size water bottle you wish to purchase.

Alpha Armur Will Not Let You Down

The Alpha Amur insulated water bottle is perfect for taking with you whatever it is you wish to drink.  Whether it is an ice-cold soda, chilly water, warm soup or hot coffee; the product will keep the liquid the way you want it for 12 hours and longer.  Traveling with it is easy and the durability will put your mind to rest that it won’t leak or break if it falls to the ground.  So, go online and look for the Alpha Amur water bottle that suits your needs today!

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