Halle Berry appeared to chug an enormous glass of whiskey during a Comic-Con panel event to promote her new movie, Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

After first looking horrified at the size of the glass her co-star Channing Tatum had poured, Halle Berry then ignored the glass until events conspired to a point where she felt that publicly downing the drink was the best move.

Berry was asked a difficult question from a fan, who wanted to know whether she thought her new movie – an action spy thriller – was more ‘British’ than James Bond.

The Oscar-winning actress said she would rather chug the whole glass of whiskey – half a pint of the stuff – than give an answer.


Panel moderator Jonathan Ross then prompted chants suggesting she “chug it.

“Oh I can you know, would you like to see that?” Berry said, before polishing off the drink in one go and pretended to fall off her chair.

Halle Berry watches in horror as the whiskey keeps coming
Halle Berry watches in horror as the whiskey keeps coming. Source: Getty Images

“Kingsman would like to remind you to drink responsibly,” Ross said afterwards, adding: “She’s a professional, she can handle it.”

Did Halle Berry drink real whiskey?

Ross was clearly suddenly thinking about the movie’s publicity, but I don’t think we need to get too hung up on health and safety concerns over half a pint of whiskey. This was either a funny or very ballsy move from Halle Berry, depending on whether the whiskey was real or not.

When asked if it was real whiskey she drank, Berry told Entertainment Tonight:
“Let that be a mystery to the world. Never dare a girl like me to do anything, because I just take the challenge.”

That sounds like maybe it wasn’t real whiskey and she wants to pretend it was, but more likely she is following Jonathon Ross in (unnecessarily) protecting the movie’s image by pretending that real whiskey was just pretend.

Given the look of horror on her face when it was first poured, and the fact that her co-stars only drank a regular shot, the chances are it was real whiskey.

The most likely scenario is that Channing Tatum thought it would be funny to pour a huge amount, Halle Berry thought it would be amusing to down it, and that Berry is a great drinker as well as a great actress.

The aftermath. Source: Getty Images

Ginger Ale drinks bourbon

The whiskey in question was a fictional bourbon that appears in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, in which the product is a business front for secret agents from the United States.

The panel for the movie, which also stars Colin Firth and Taron Egerton, kicked off Comic-Con 2017 in the San Diego Convention Center’s Hall H.

Berry’s character in the movie is named after a somewhat softer drink, Ginger Ale, who the actress said is a “kind of the techy, brain, nerdy character.”