We knew there was a reason why Facebook seemed so vigilant in setting forth such strong “fake news” filters, such legit “hate speech” algorithms, and all of this other stuff that they’ve been employing to psych the average Facebook user into thinking anything they read on Facebook could be “fake news.”

News paid subscription service Facebook

Facebook is launching a new business feature for both news publishers and readers alike. It will be a paid subscription service. They are preparing to offer a new option for publishers to reach their Facebook audiences more vigilantly. Instead of having to filter through the news on your Facebook feed to decipher what might be fact or fiction, they encourage you to subscribe to services that you trust. Apparently, they plan on requiring payment for a subscription to a particular publisher’s “Instant Article” feed after the 10th article.

DIY Instant Articles

Right now Facebook is allowing publishers to get acquainted with the “Instant Articles” feature so that publishers can get accustomed to “faster results” with “more interactive content.” Instant Articles currently load faster and provide access to better insights.


DIY Subscription Services News

The next step would involve creating a paywall for these “Instant Article” services. Experts speculate it could boost subscribers, having dedicated paid news services. They also say that larger publishers who have already left the “Instant Articles” platform may return when they integrate better monetization options.

Paid Subscription Service: A New Stream of Revenue for Publishers

Dave Chavern, CEO of the News Media Alliance, seems to be optimistic about it. He seemed to favor the idea of driving a new stream of revenue through digital subscriptions. After all, news organizations have been calling for the option to recoup their losses through digital subscribers for quite some time.

As of right now, it seems the only insights we might possibly have for guessing how this new business feature will be received includes current user metrics. Currently, more than 10,000 publishers use the “Instant Articles” option, which is a 25% increase over the last six months. Analytics also indicate that 1/3 of Facebook clicks are on these “Instant Articles.”

Changing the Landscape of Digital Advertising

The biggest complaint seems to be the possibility of a roadblock if they do not change current options for affiliate marketing and advertising. The current inflexibility concerning those options is speculated to change along with adjustments which will include a paywall for both subscribers and publishers later on this year.

Facebook Subscription Services News Blank Billboards | Is this the end of billboard advertising?… | Flickr : taken from - https://www.flickr.com/photos/iakoubtchik/7648259300/in/photolist-cDRk2E-pkDNBk-8BBayM-druqzo-j2CMu9-4z5wrn-hn7S3A-4wp9Y1-9He4hn-8nDLCF-8SSVbo-ebtGjk-4EzfqR-9cL7X6-b8E38x-9fmeUQ-4z9Kkf-9WSKwf-57qSNM-8vPZQv-8vBVVr-8vEXcj-5nX5sP-nhsnow-TkXxyd-4EjNgb-9SxYmv-9V3WxK-hn8fz9-92zToy-4VRtr5-k4PRd-qBvUx7-4EzaoR-79Lg4k-9tKUix-eiQs5U-4QEpEb-hEWNg8-3DHENk-b8E3kP-iNpH9k-j2aKZ1-ecGXRG-7BT2nC-4J2KJP-9ZGdiv-9tKTxn-6UxZs8-oaoEWJAuthor: Roman Iakoubtchik https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

We know that with changes and tweaks to this new paid subscription service, it could completely change the landscape of our digital advertising platforms as we know it. This could very well be the end of billboard advertising too.

Who knows how that will really pan out for the little guys, or agencies trying to get their start though?