Undoubtedly, when you were a child you wanted to be a musician; I think we all did. If you were a boy, you wanted to melt faces as a rocker and if you were a girl you wanted to melt hearts with your swan song. There’s just something appealing about playing a guitar and impressing total strangers.

The hardest part of becoming a musician, for most people, is the technical side that becomes confusing and often times may take you out of the passion of creating music. Not only do you have to learn to read sheet music, which is a mountainous challenge, but eventually you’ll need to write it as well.

Instapaper is a bookmarking service owned by Pinterest. It allows web content to be saved so it can be “read later” on a different device, such as an e-reader, smartphone, tablet. It makes for a simpler reading experience and it was only a matter of time before this technology was utilized elsewhere.

TabBank is a new app for iOs that enables the user to turn his/her guitar tabs into readable sheet music to read at their leisure. This new app is sure to take the tediousness out of your biggest passion and make it more of a tool to help you succeed.


Better experience and better music with Better Notes

Better Notes, LLC is the brilliant company behind TabBank and they are no stranger to helping people follow their dream of making music. In the past, they have released ChordBank (a tuning assistant) and their namesake app BetterNotes which is a hashtag-focused app for organizing notes.

TabBank is quite simplistic in its main purpose which is to turn guitar tabs into sheet music right on your iPhone or iPad. At just under 37 mbs, it takes up nearly no space and yet is a necessary asset to any guitar player and has reached 5 stars on its first day available.

If you feel that creating music is something you’d like to work up to, then TabBank also allows you to download and import already existing songs for offline viewing. The app does an incredible job of importing at lightning fast speed so you can get back to rocking.

The screen can have its size adjusted for easier viewing and there’s a smart editing toolbar so you can tweak your sheet music on the go or while you’re just sitting there feeling inspired. And when you’re done, printing (or converting to PDF) your first or final draft is at your fingertips.

TabBank is on the rise

TabBank is great starter app to be paired with ChordBank and the developer plans to release a desktop version this fall which will allow you to start the process on your phone, then finish work on your computer. With all these things, you’ll feel like you have your own sound studio in your studio apartment.

TabBank is currently available on iPhone and iPad for free here.

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