Alexa is becoming smarter with each update, and that’s great news for fans. The popular virtual assistant from Amazon is now capable of delivering music for a wider range of activities. For example, if users want the best music for taking a nap, Alexa can bring them to the forefront.

To get the best music for your favorite activity, simply ask Alexa. As of right now, the feature only works with Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Prime Music. For those who are unaware, Amazon Music Unlimited is designed to compete with Spotify and other music streaming platforms.

The product is designed especially with Alexa and the Echo in mind, which means, they work exceptionally well on these devices. This is because these speakers are capable of responding to voice commands that go further than mere song requests.

Demonstrating the power of Alexa

What Amazon has done here is demonstrate that it is possible to tie Alexa to a music service along with the company’s own hardware. Now, for those who are interested in Amazon Music Unlimited, prepare to spend $9.99 each month. However, with an Amazon Prime membership, the cost goes down to $7.99 per month.


The cost of Music Unlimited is in line with what competitors are charging. Any platform that cost less likely doesn’t have the same amount of music and features.

Over 500 different activities

Here’s the thing, guys, the new “music for activities” goes way beyond requesting Alexa to play music for sleep or sexy time. In fact, there are over 500 different activities that consumers can take advantage of using Alexa. Furthermore, it’s smart too seeing as users can also combine their request.

For example, folks can ask for “rock music for sleeping,” “pop music for a dinner party,” “classical music for cooking,” and much more.

Want music for your newborn child to listen to, no problem. Amazon has thought of everything it seems, which ultimately makes Alexa quite smart at its job. This is machine learning at its finest, and it’s only going to get better from here.

The feature is live right now on Alexa, and so far, consumers are taking advantage of what it has to offer. According to TechCrunch, 27 percent of the requests are people seeking the right music to de-stress. With the intense political climate and folks coming home from a hard days work, it wouldn’t be surprising if it moves from 27 percent to 50 percent in the months to come.

It should be interesting to see how competitors respond to Amazon’s “music for activities.” It’s already proving to be quite useful and has definitely improved Alexa to be smarter than ever. No doubt the likes of Apple, Google, and Microsoft will come up with a clone.