Remember the infamous iPhone 4 leak back in 2010? The handset was all over the web as fans prepared themselves to be introduced to FaceTime, stunning design, and the Retina display. The device was hot on the Internet for a full two months before the official release, and then it went on to make history.

The leak was a huge blow for Apple since the official announcement wasn’t much of a surprise. Unfortunately, it would seem a similar incident has happened again.

HomePod firmware accidentally uploaded to server

Not long ago, an Apple employee accidentally uploaded a HomePod firmware to a public server, and as expected, developers wasted no time in downloading it and began the task of digging for what’s new. The information inside seems to link directly to the iPhone 8, and if true, fans are in for a doozy.

The leaks here are quite substantial and should give us an idea of what Apple is cooking up in the kitchen. If all the leaks here hold true, then the iPhone 8 is going to give the Samsung Galaxy S8 a serious run for its money later this year.

Home button? What home button?


Apple has popularized the home button with the iPhone-line of products, but the company might now be prepared to get rid of it. Well, only in its physical form because the iPhone 8 will likely launch with a digital home button instead.

This feature isn’t new to the smartphone world. We’ve seen it on Android and Windows 10 Mobile devices before. In this respect, Apple is now catching up to its biggest rivals.

Augmented reality is important to Apple

There’s possibly not much one can do with a smartphone these days outside of improving the camera, the processor, RAM, and GPU. But the giant from Cupertino could be looking into adding AR features to its next iPhone. The leaked documents show off a reference to “ARFaceAnchor,” which suggests the iPhone 8 might launch with some form of AR capability.

Tap to bring phone out of sleep mode

Several rumors have stated that this new iPhone won’t come with a physical home button. Worry not, for when it comes to unlocking the iPhone 8, a mere tapping of the screen should do the job. Tapping to wake a phone isn’t new since Android, and Windows 10 Mobile have already done this.

Smarter camera

Apple has upgraded the camera of all its major iPhone releases, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find out the iPhone 8 will have a better camera come launch. Apparently, the device will come with something dubbed as SmartCam that is designed to fine-tune focus, exposure, and white balance. Furthermore, it should be able to detect the user’s surroundings.

Wireless charging Ahoy

An Apple iPhone with wireless charging, is this real life? Sure it is. The leaked information suggests Apple might deliver wireless charging and fast charging with the iPhone 8, a first for the company. However, MacWorld is saying these features might not be ready for launch.

Overall, the leaked iPhone 8 information has left us excited for the official reveal.

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