One of the most popular video game on the PC platform via Steam is “PlayerUnknown’s: Battlegrounds.” The game is still in Early Access but has managed to climb the rankings to become one of the hottest video games available today.

The developers have earned over $100 million so far, and are set to surpass that with the sale of player created in-game items. Yes, anyone with enough skill can create items and sell them to other players, and of course, the developer gets a cut of the every dollar made.

It’s a huge commodity, but there’s something about this whole thing that rubs us the wrong way. It might the end of traditional video gaming as we know it.

In-game items selling for hundreds of dollars

These items are relatively new to “Battlegrounds,” but players have taken a liking to them. It’s all about having that unique look for your character, but it doesn’t come cheap. Some folks are even willing to throw down hundreds of dollars for a digital trench coat, which is more than the cost of the game itself.


Similar to “Overwatch,” players have to spend on loot crates with random cosmetics inside. Players can even sell items collected from loot boxes should they wish.

Here’s where things get completely out of control

After scouring around the Steam Marketplace, we came across a purple mini skirt on sale for $590. That’s right folks; a mere digital object cost more than an Xbox One X. There’s even a bandanna selling for $350 on the marketplace.

Because of these extreme prices, and the fact that some players might be crazy enough to buy the items, we do not believe Steam or the developer of “PlayerUnknown’s: Battleground” will allow this madness to continue forever.

Certainly, there must be better things to spend $590 on rather than a purple mini skirt. Is the need to troll other players too high? Yes, most likely.

New first person perspective

In the latest update for “PlayerUnknown’s: Battleground,” the developers added a new first person perspective. It’s a massive change to the overall gameplay, but right now, it’s not universal. Folks who want to test it out must play on supported servers where only the first person option is active.

From what we’ve seen so far, the first person perspective doesn’t improve the way you play, but it should be a boon for those who prefer to play shooters from this angle. Furthermore, folks who enjoy seeing what their character is wearing will probably find a problem with this mode.

The big question is, will the first person perspective stay for the long term? It all depends if a lot of players find it appealing over the traditional way of playing Battlegrounds. So far, the first person perspective servers are full, but things could change in a few weeks or mere days.

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