A 16-year-old Australian is in hospital after suffering horrific leg injuries caused by tiny creatures in an extremely rare attack.

Sam Kanizay was bitten by “mite-sized sea critters” in the water off Melbourne’s Brighton Beach this weekend.

Sam’s father, Jarrod Kanizay, said his son had what “looked like a war injury” when he came home, according to a quote from BBC News.

“It looked… like a grenade attack. It was really bloody,” Mr Kanizay said. “We got him in the shower but as soon as we did that the blood kept re-appearing. It wasn’t clotting at all. It just kept bleeding and bleeding.”

The sea creatures attacked slowly but surely


The teenager said he went into the water to help his legs recover after a tiring soccer game, but ended up with far greater pain than when he went in.

After standing up to his waist in the water for around thirty minutes without feeling a thing from the biting sea creatures, it was only when he came out that he noticed the pin-prick injuries that amounted to something shocking.

Sam after being patched up. Source: The Age

Experts have assessed that the flesh-eating bugs are likely sea fleas, and that it would have taken a great number of the creatures to inflict such damage. Attacks of this nature are hugely uncommon.

They said that a piranha-style attack like this is highly unlikely to happen again any time soon.

Caught with a net full of meat

The assessment of scientists was only possible after Mr. Kanizay took matters into his own hands. He went back to the water with a pool net full of meat – which the critters clearly love.

“I collected these strange creatures from the same spot last night by trapping them in a net and standing in the water myself,” he said. He then sent samples to people who could help – even though most experts were just as shocked as everyone else.

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