One of the scariest things in your everyday life is when your only way to work begins to make a weird noise. You want to take it into the shop but you worry about the cost, when you have time to do this, and whether or not you will get taken advantage of.

For me, and millions of other working Americans, the biggest stress of repairing your car is simply finding time to get it repaired. Most garages are open from nine to five and the majority of employed individuals work from (you guessed it) nine to five.

I know that when my car is need of repairs, the first thing that comes to mind is when can I take it in and how long will it take; I can’t live without my car. Just thinking about calling around and scheduling a time to have my car looked at is extremely stressful.

Luckily, there is a startup that can help with these issues thanks to $5.3 million in funding. Cardash is like Uber for auto repair and their biggest concern isn’t just getting your car fixed, but doing so the right way.


Sticklers for high-quality service

When it comes to auto repair, substandard mechanics are prevalent and worrying about bad service and up-charging is always in the back of your mind. Cardash has an incredibly picky screening process and only fifteen percent of the available auto shops make the cut.

It works by leaving your keys either at the front desk of your place of business or in your vehicle, then one of their reliable associates will transport the car to a shop to have the work done. This work could be as simple as an auto detailing or oil change and as complex as a radiator replacement or manifold repair.

“Over 95 percent of services are completed the same day as we get an express lane at our service partners and we ensure that necessary parts are ordered in advance,” according to CarDash cofounder and CEO Yinon Weiss.

Upon first hearing of this service, you’d probably think that there is some sort of extra fee involved; perhaps something similar to rent-a-center’s 500% commision. The fees seem to be on par with a typical repair fee. For Example, an oil change comes to around $45 which is what you would typically spend.

Coming to a job near you

Currently, Cardash is focused in the bay area of San Francisco and has a mere eight employees, but that may change very soon. With this new bit of funding, Cardash is looking to expand and further their range of services.

One of Cardash’s most popular services is their gas delivery service which is a real nice luxury, but they don’t claim to be the cheapest. In fact, their fueling competitor “Booster” offers the service at a cheaper price.

When reached for comment, Mr. Weiss simply reiterates “We put all our partners through a thorough assessment that evaluates them on their quality, experience, pricing, and capacity.” This furthers the point that they want the finest product for their customers, even if it’s only fuel for your car.

Be on the lookout for Cardash to be available in your area, because we all lnow that services may be a startup one day and a household name the next. If you’re in the bay area, you can get started here.



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