Google Workforce Split over Decision

Google CEO Sundar Pichai canceled a company-wide meeting concerning diversity just it was about to begin yesterday claiming concerns on safety after right aligned commentators made the names of particular employees public. In an email that was sent to the workers on Thursday, the Google CEO cited personal safety as the main reason for the town hall style meeting. He claimed he had heard of online harassment meted to them because of their names and questions being posed by external platforms. For example, conservative mouthpiece Milo Yiannopoulos posted on his Facebook page, the Twitter details of eight workers that had criticized the memo. Apparently, workers also expressed concerns about safety, worrying they would be publicly outed for asking queries within the Town Hall.

Right Wing Bullying

The meeting was scheduled in the wake of the firing James Damore, a software engineer that wrote and distributed a memo which argued on biological differences between men and females and how this supposedly explains the gender gap among the tech employees. The firing of the employee sparked debates within the firm and across the nations pertaining the diversity program within the company and whether it has reached a point of intolerance to viewpoints which are conservative.

This has also drawn fire from the right wing conservatives who in the recent days have harassed online Google workers that publicly came out in support of the dismissal of James Damore. A spokeswoman from Google yesterday alluded to several incidences where commentators have even gone to post names and photos of these employees on social media for the purposes of exposing and mocking them. This poses a question as to the nature of privacy concerns and the culture of intolerance. One might argue that the worker was out of line and his stereotypical comments were rightly reprimanded. On the other hand, it means that conservative views are in danger and should not be publicly expressed. Of course, the line between intolerance and appropriately allowing diverging perspectives is thinner than a tight rope. The right wing, though is obviously resorting to shaming and bullying to get their point across which is offensive if not irresponsible on their part.

Google Workforce Split over Decision

The Google workforce itself though is also split over the dismissal of Mr. Damore according to various interviews and polls on the employees. Some of the workers are saying that the executives did not go far enough in their punishment. The others are saying it is difficult to openly discuss these issues of diversity at the firm considering the liberal bias that has been preached among the colleagues and managers at the company. The different responses show there are a number of liberals and conservatives among the employee ranks, even though the company preaches liberalism predominantly. Google’s diversity and inclusion program have been termed to be major to the firm with managers tasked with hiring more minorities and women or going at lengths to do so. However, there I a debate as to whether they went overboard this time and if it is going to affect reaction to right wing views in the future. This is why diversity and tolerance need to be preached in different directions or rather schools of thought.