The big tech giants are jumping on the original programming bandwagon to beef up their respective streaming platforms. The latest is no other than Apple, the home of the Mac and the iPhone line of products.

A new report has claimed that Apple is making plans to invest up to $1 billion in original programming. If all goes well, this cash will be spent on 10 shows, though it’s not yet clear what type of shows the Cupertino giant is looking to bring to the table.

Fictional shows are a huge possibility

Here’s the thing, reality TV isn’t as popular as it once was. The entertainment industry is rallying behind fictional series such as “Game of Thrones” and “Stranger Things.” These shows have proven that consumers are interested in tuning into complex story driven shows that give a movie-like experience.

According to the Wall Street Journal, two former executives from Sony Pictures Television, Jamie Erlicht, and Zack Van Amburg, will both control the $1 billion sum. These men were hired by Apple back in June of this year, and no doubt they have the ability to bring something special to Apple’s streaming platform.


Interestingly enough, both men are set to have talks with folks in Hollywood about the type of shows they should buy. It’s a long shot since Apple’s platform is nowhere as exciting when compared to Netflix. However, a few splendid series could change everything, but these are not easy to create.

How should Apple choose its first shows?

Competing directly with the currently available popular series is probably not a wise decision for the company. We believe it’s best for Apple to focus on bringing to the table fan favorites that have been canceled by TV networks.

Consumers will better gravitate towards the shows they have invested in before instead of something new. Get rights ownership of popular canceled shows, gain a loyal following, then invest heavily in never before seen content.

The company should also invest in shows that differ greatly from each other. One of the reasons Netflix is so successful today is because the streaming giant’s original programming caters to a wide audience. Are you looking for cartoons or a show about politics? Worry not, Netflix has everything under control.

$1 billion for 10 shows too expensive?

If we do the math, $1 billion for 10 shows equals to $100 million per program. That’s rather interesting because HBO spends around $6 million per episode for “Game of Thrones.” That’s $60 million per season, so this budget doesn’t add up unless Apple is planning something huge, something we’ve never witnessed before.