When it comes to high end phones, anything with the word pairing of “Samsung” and “Galaxy” make techies’ ears perk up. The new S8 was a phenomenal success, keeping up with sales juggernaut Apple.

The next big thing for Samsung will be their next phone in the Note family. People unfamiliar with the Note series will know them as those medium-sized tablets that people
hold up to their ears. With a screen size of a whopping eight inches, it is a big phone that doesn’t fit in your pocket.

Despite the awkward size, it is very popular among people that spend their lives on the web and are even releasing a smaller (6.3”) version next month. But for Samsung, they are more concerned with the Note 9 which is due out in the first quarter of next year.

A patent a year in the making

Though Samsung filed for the patent in June of 2016, it was just recently published on Patently Apple. It shows two new physical features of the next Samsung product in the Note family. They are introducing an extendable breathalyzer and a new S Pen that doubles as a microphone.


On the bottom of the phone there will be an extendable tube complete with gas sensor that will pair with installed software (or possibly an app) to check the user’s blood alcohol content. The patent also suggests that the stylus itself could provide this service as well to make the device more user friendly and portable.

Those over the legal limit could be reminded of the dangers of driving under the influence as their Note 9 pulls up webpages to that effect. Just imagine blowing a .12 and being treated with pictures of decapitated motorists or results for an Uber in your area.

Samsung’s new stylus will also have a built in microphone which could be a real game changer for people that stream live on Facebook or Youtube. This could enable people to film their internet shows in a crowded places and not have to struggle with ambient noise.

On the other hand, this new mini-mic could also enable people to record audio in quiet areas like churches and libraries while whispering and not losing any listeners in the process. This could also be utilized by journalists to record the sounds of a room during a press conference or music performance.

Real world benefits

The breathalyzer feature could become a permanent staple for law enforcement as long as it’s accurate more than 95% of the time. It’s be great if police officers could simply pull out a stylus and instruct you to “breathe” and their phone would vibrate in their pocket.

In addition, this could mean that said intoxication would be logged on the phone for evidence against the perpetrator. Just the possibility of this technology could slightly diminish the number of drunk drivers on the road, because now the ability to “beat” the charge would be nil.

For now, Samsung is saying they hope for these two improvements to be a part of the next Note product, but we could be waiting longer than that. But it is nice to see these smartphone super powers using their cutting edge technology for good.