This is a sponsored post written on behalf of zzysh®. All opinions expressed are my own. statistics of the copious amounts of wine that goes to waste are just mind boggling! In the United States alone, it is estimated that home consumers pour over $1.27 billion worth of wine while restaurants pour out another 18+ millions bottles equivalent. This problem will be a thing of past through a revolutionary product called zzysh®.

The genesis of the problem

When you pop open a fine mature bottle of wine or champagne, air plays a great role in ensuring that the cork actually ‘pops’! However, once the air gets into the bottle of wine, the cat is literally out of the bag. Even though the wine will taste good for a few hours, it will slowly lose its taste, aroma, color and quality.

The air will oxidize the drink starting a chain reaction in the wine, forming hydrogen peroxide, then acetaldehyde, which makes everything about the once tingling taste of the wine to fizzle out and eventually develop a flat taste. This is where zzysh® comes to your rescue.

What is zzysh®?

zzysh® is a revolutionary wine and sparkling wine preserving system that keeps a bottle’s natural taste and fizz after it is opened. The unique technology replaces the air in the bottle with a protective atmosphere consisting of the inert gas argon for wine and a combination of argon and carbon dioxide for sparkling wine. This in combination with the stopper, works to protect the wine from oxidation, ensuring flavor, taste, fizz and color are all retained.


The protective seal ensures a 100% closure system. This ensures that the wine’s taste, smell, color and quality is retained until the next time the bottle is opened.

Wine usually does not have an expiry date but once opened, it will take a few hours for things to change. zzysh® has proven capability of ensuring unaltered taste for several weeks, therefore extending the lifespan of unsealed wine.

Market proven and quality assured

zzysh® has undergone a wide range of tests by independent testers who have rated the function and benefits of zzysh® very positively. Wine and champagne bottles were opened and reclosed with zzysh® and then flown around the world to allow some of the world’s recognized sommeliers to taste and give their view.

The product received some extremely positive feedback. The test result gives a clear indication just how effective zzysh® is.

Uniquely designed

The product is also tailor made specifically and uniquely to preserve wine and champagne separately owing to the fact that they are different products. With wine, it prevents oxidation, changes in aroma, color and taste while with champagne, it retains the sparkle and prevents carbonation from disappearing owing to the unique pressure created.

Quality Guarantee

Finally, the product comes with a general guarantee against materials and manufacturing defects for two years from the date of purchase from the online stores or from an zzysh® retailer. In the scope of this guarantee, products that become defective during normal use and in compliance with the care instructions will be repaired and replaced.

How to use it

The zzysh® cartridge is an easy to use gadget as explained in four easy steps, as well as, demonstration through the YouTube video through the link below.

  • Step 1

Open your favorite bottle may it be wine, champagne without worrying about wasting the rest of the bottle.

  • Step 2

Tightly close the bottle with the stylish and innovative zzysh® seal to life preserve it.

  • Step 3

Press the hand-piece down for about 3-4 seconds to allow the protective atmosphere to flow into the bottle. That’s the zzysh® effect.

  • Step 4

The wine is now effectively and optimally protected. Its flavor, taste, color and quality is preserved until the next time it’s opened.

How different is it from others in the market?

From research, all wine connoisseurs and sommeliers such as Robert Parker and Jancis Robinson agree that zzysh® has a unique selling point that is a cut above the rest because of the following reasons:

  • Quite easy to use as demonstrated by the YouTube video
  • Can effectively preserve and retain the color, smell, taste and quality for weeks on end. Therefore, the worry of wasting the rest of the bottle is laid to rest.
  • Retains the sparkle of the champagne.
  • Ensures that there is no bubbling out of the carbonic acid due to the pressure created.
  • Stylish and unique design.

Why zzysh® is the best tool for the job

zzysh® is definitely the product that stands out from the rest due to the fact that it’s the only product in the world that combines the technology of controlled atmospheric packaging with 100% sealing closure system to give you nothing but the best.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of zzysh®. The opinions and text are all mine.

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