Video is one of the primary ways Internet users gain information, so it makes perfect sense for Reddit to get in on the action before it gets left behind. Usually, folks who wanted to share their video to the website would be required to upload it elsewhere then share the video via a link to Reddit.

This is no longer the case, well, for some Reddit users. The popular website is rolling out native video support to a few communities before allowing everyone access to the new feature.

What does this mean?

Simple, users on Reddit can upload videos directly to the social network instead of doing on via third-party websites. For now, users can record videos up to 15 minutes long, but as time goes by, the website hopes to improve video uploading to something grander.

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“We will continue to evolve Reddit video as we collect additional feedback from our users, so you can expect more updates in the coming months,” according to the company via a blog post.

How to record a video according to Reddit:


  • Click “Submit Link” on a Reddit video-enabled subreddit
  • Click “Choose File”
  • Select an MP4 or MOV video file to upload
  • Choose a thumbnail for your video
  • Add a title
  • Click “Submit”

Mobile Apps:

  • Click “Post something interesting” at the top of your “Home” feed
    • Or, on a Reddit video-enabled subreddit, click “Post to r/___”
  • Select “Image/Video”
  • Click “Camera” to record a new video or “Library” to select one you’ve already recorded
  • Add a title
  • Click “Post” to submit

If this video initiative takes off in a huge way, one should keep an eye out for the next possible YouTube competitor. As of right now, YouTube doesn’t have any real competition and is badly in need of one. Several companies have tried in the past, Microsoft included, but all have failed miserably.

Reddit, on the other hand, has a robust and loyal community with over 100,000 subreddits. If many fans of the website decide to release their 15-minute videos there, then YouTube will no doubt come under pressure.

If the time limit is increased in the future with the addition of users making a small profit via advertisements, then we could see a shift in the online video market.

Bear in mind that folks on YouTube are having problems with Google always making changes to the website along with increased censorship. It’s safe to say these people are willing to move to another platform should it ever make itself available.

We should find out how deep in the rabbit hole Reddit wants to take its new video plans in the near future.