On August 15th, 2017, a cult favorite from the Nidhogg franchise was released. Just like any other sequel, some fans appear to have found it difficult to adjust to such a big alteration to the graphics. In other words, some seem to prefer the simplistic visual design prevalent in the original. However, according to most of the internet, Nidhogg 2 seemed to be a pretty big hit!

Nidhogg II | Mux Mool | Daedelus | Doseone | Anticon | Soundtrack

To compare what the original game looked like, check out the Youtube Video below.


New Weapons for a Better 2-Player Experience, and a Soundtrack Worth Listening to as a Standalone Feature. 

Nidhogg 2 | Mux Mool | Daedelus | Doseone | Soundtrack
Screenshot of Nidhogg 2 from Nidhogg.com

Not only did they update the graphics but they added a few new weapons to improve over all game play. Most importantly though, the artists they chose to compose the score for this game did an amazing job. Notable artists include Mux Mool, Daedelus, and Doseone.

Each of these artists has a unique style that is reminiscent of 8-bit gaming combined with underground instrumental hip-hop tones, which made them a perfect fit for this project.

Mux Mool

Mux Mool
MUX MOOL” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by basic_sounds

Mux Mool is a tenured producer who just re-released his latest album, “Implied Lines” at the beginning of the summer. He has released music with two different major Detroit-based labels along-side notable acts such as Com Truise. These Detroit-based heavy-hitters include Ghostly International as well as Young Heavy Souls. Not to mention, he has also been featured on Adult Swim.


Daedelus” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Matt Biddulph

Daedelus has been a resident performer at Low-End Theory in Los Angeles, Ca for quite some time. He is also affiliated with the Los Angeles-based internet radio station “Dub Lab.” They are a major fixture centered on the cultural arts, based out of LA. Dub Lab has been known to produce art exhibitions, record releases, and even short films.


closeup” (CC BY 2.0) by grenade

Doseone is an old-school hip-hop artist who is probably best known from the group cLOUDDEAD. He is also the founder of what you could refer to as being a sort of an Avante Guarde underground hip-hop label. Under Anticon, Doseone has released music for several notable acts such as Odd Nosdam, ANTWON, Baths, and even Daedelus.

A 2 Player Game with a Solid Soundtrack

It’s really not too often you see this cool of a soundtrack for a game. We feel like it really makes the game too. Our overall takeaway was that not only does the game have cool graphics, more intense gameplay, and an awesome soundtrack, but we have also noted that it is hours of fun for 2 players to enjoy.

If you’d like to enjoy the soundtrack as a standalone feature as well, it is included as a download with the game. If you’d like to purchase just the soundtrack you can do so by following the provided link here. You could even go as far as to follow these links to purchase the game for Mac/PC or PS4 while you’re at it too though. If you just want a little preview of what you’re in for you should really check out the trailer for it here.