WhatsApp Joins Accountability Wave

WhatsApp is currently providing green badges for business accounts if their information is verified. Thus far business verification has been limited to a small number of enterprises participating in the new pilot program.

In the event, the phone number belongs to a business account, then it will receive a green check. This is a move to make businesses appear more trustworthy and as such, is working as an incentive for more of them to utilize WhatsApp.


Expanding Platform User Experience


A user may also be made aware of the other party is an enterprise which is verified because a yellow text bubble is going to appear in the chat. However, the user is not going to have the option of deleting messages from business contacts, which allows for accountability in legal disputes and creates a forced form of backup for chats with the verified business accounts.

The attribute comes a week after WhatsApp brought text based updates to the ‘Status’ feature. In trying to engage the 250 million customer base, WhatsApp provided both iPhone and Android users, the chance to share statuses that would be customized as depending on their preference for font, background and other aesthetics. By also tapping the ‘eye’ icon which is situated at the bottom of the Status update, the users would be able to view a list of the contacts that had seen their update as a way to know who was following their WhatsApp profiles.

WhatsApp also upgraded privacy settings with the previous updates, giving users the option of choosing the contacts that would get their update. Within the ‘privacy settings’ tab, the user would be able to select from three options detailing particular contacts or who they would like to share with.

Basically, WhatsApp seems to be concentrating on expanding the flexibility of their services and heightening their user experience. The corporate world seems to be a plausible step in market segmentation and targeting. Just as one would be able to tell which chats are with a verified business account with this feature the opposite is also possible. Similar messages will also notify the user in the event that a business account is not verified other than the fact that the other party will not have a badge.

The firm states that if one already has a business number saved in the phone address book, then the name the user will see is that name saved. If the phone number is not saved, then the name would be that which the verified business had chosen to represent themselves.

WhatsApp Joins Accountability Wave

This move by WhatsApp has been anticipated, though it does make sense for the company to be exploring options for customers that want a better business experience with the platform. It is also following the trend considering its parent company; Facebook already has a gray badge for business pages which have been verified.

Twitter also gives a blue tick to verified accounts. It points to a trend by platforms to weed out misinformation which began with the ‘fake news’, movement earlier this year and is now being extended to businesses to provide a form of accountability for this platforms remove havens for theft and incitement.