Speculation about how the new iPhone 8 will look and feel has been going on for a long time, with various rumors making news and creating excitement. The most recent discovery is one that is fundamental to iPhone use – involving the home button.

A lot of us probably press that little button thousands of times every month, but all that could change when we take possession of our new iPhone 8s.

The possibility that the ubiquitous home button may disappear is not being newly discussed – it has been talked about for some time. But there is now a growing expectation that this will be the case. Furthermore, when the new iPhone is unveiled next month, we think we know what will have replaced the button.

This expectation is due in no small part to a recent leak.

A virtual home button


The home button looks set to be removed in favor of more screen space, with a swipable software bar having replaced it. It sounds like users will swipe up from the bar towards the middle of the phone, a little like the way services are currently closed – except now that movement is after a double click on the home button.

“Across the bottom of the screen there’s a thin, software bar in lieu of the home button,” Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman explains. “A user can drag it up to the middle of the screen to open the phone. When inside an app, a similar gesture starts multitasking. From here, users can continue to flick upwards to close the app and go back to the home screen.”

Basically, we’re talking a virtual home button in the manner of similar devices from well-known rivals.

Some developments leak through Apple’s office doors. Source: Inc

What else can we look forward to?

Other expected changes for the iPhone 8 include cameras that are better suited to augmented reality apps, and the fascinating 3D facial recognition technology used to unlock the phone and to pay for things. There will also likely be an infrared sensor to enable facial recognition in the dark.

People who are already familiar with the iPhone 8 told Bloomberg News that the new model’s overall size won’t be much different from the iPhone 7, but it will include an OLED screen that’s a little bigger than that on the iPhone 7 Plus (5.5-inches).

How much will the iPhone 8 cost?

Among other rumors currently circulating is the cost we can expect to hear when Apple does its unveiling in September.

The New York Times reports that Apple’s premium model will cost $999. This is based on the revelations of inside sources who wished to remain anonymous.

Let’s not kid ourselves, $1000 (effectively) for a smartphone is a huge amount of money, no matter how cool the phone is and no matter how good it is at recognizing our faces in the dark.

Apple’s own site currently shows a price of $769 for the iPhone 7 Plus. Perhaps some people will hold off on buying one of those now that the iPhone 8 is just around the corner. Or maybe iPhone enthusiasts will be trying to get their hands on older models that will one day become museum pieces, as future generations study how us backward folk used to live, clicking away at our clunky home buttons.