Though smart knobs have not had the most illustrious history, Logitech’s MX Master Mouse has long been considered as one of the best alternatives for both creative and professional graphics clients.

The company has come with a new flagship Keyboard which should meet the standards as set by the MX mouse series. Craft, as it is called, has a creative input dial installed at the top left part of the keyboard. This would allow for image adjustment in applications like Photoshop CC, InDesign CC, or Illustrator CC.

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How Craft Works

The dial which is rotatable allows for more than just creative chores. It would also allow the user to scroll through Excel spreadsheets and go through Spotify playlists and jump tabs in a browser. Using the Logitech ‘Options’ tool, one would be able to assign a turn or click to just about any application according to Logitech. The standout feature for the Craft would be the creative input dial, that is a big silver knob in the top left corner for the keyboard.

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This is like a smaller Surface Dial, except the part where one would have to own a surface device. There are generic functions such as the volume control, back and forward on pages which can be manually applied to any of the applications. How it operates is the top of the dial is sensitive to touch so tapping would activate contextual options.


If the brush tool has been selected, tapping the dial at the top will bring multiple options which concern softness and brush sizes. Craft connects to the computer via Bluetooth, the Unifying Receiver from Logitech or a wired USB C port. It is composed of the same black plastic that Logitech made the MX mouse from with an aluminum bar that provides some weight and stability on top of it.

Benefits and Seamless Integration with Company and Brand Offerings

Alternatives to the other applications can be more generalized. One could utilize the dial in order to adjust the volume on the computer or skip iTunes playlist tracks. On the other hand, it did not have the same utility as the curated Logitech integrations. The ability for using the dial in order to scroll between different tabs especially for the Chrome browser is a justification for the Craft Keyboard.

Logitech claims the keyboard was designed for comfort so each key was engineered to have stability and precision.

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Bluetooth LE Wireless also allows the user to switch between devices regardless of the operating system used which in this case would adhere to either Mac or Windows. There is also smart illumination which senses room lighting and makes one’s hands turn or even adjust backlighting. The Craft will blend in seamlessly with other Logitech MX offerings especially the MX master ser

ies and the new Sound PC Bluetooth speaker. Logitech has also included similar Flow technology to the MX series for Mice allowing one to switch between separate computers by just moving the mouse. Like the MX Master and MX Anywhere, the user is able to connect Craft to upwards of three devices and switch between them.