New Tool Affords Instagram More Opportunities in the Market

Instagram has revealed a tool that adds the ability to view Stories on desktop and mobile web in such a way that would allow posts on larger screens. As opposed to the usual tap to the left or right to move between stories, Instagram will install arrows to assist in navigation.

The feature of Instagram Stories is going to allow the desktop and the mobile users to perceive the stories as posted by friends and others that they follow. As such, the web version is going to allow the user to post to Stories as well. Similarly, the users that for one reason or another do not get to install the application and get the full experience will have the ability to see their friend’s stories though.


Feature Attributes

As such, Instagram in time will allow users to upload stories using the mobile web as well and this could be helpful for the ones willing to go the extra length as concerns the editing of these images and videos before sharing them as stories. From this information, what is clear is watching stories on the web is different considering the application where users may swipe and tap so they can bounce between bubbles in order to see what their friends on the platform are up to.

The web format provides navigational cues that would move between the posts and for the benefit of the desktop viewers that are not operating a touch screen. It is not yet clear the way the posting experience is going to measure up considering the original. One of the representatives from Instagram claimed the Stories setting on the mobile web is going to start though the platform has not revealed as yet the tools that are going to be available from the beginning.

New Tool Affords Instagram More Opportunities in the Market


The move from the platform is significant considering the social media market as it targets the overseas expansion within the markets that have poor mobile connectivity and considering 80 percent of the customer base of Instagram is located outside the headquarters, this move makes sense.

Source: Digital Trends

At the present, Instagram is home to several businesses that would like to market to the consumer base through their accounts or advertisements and a percentage of Instagram Stories that are posted by a business tends to get a direct message reply. These figures make it appealing for the business community and advertisers that want to reach their clients through channels that are more private. That the user can post Instagram Stories directly from the web would probably come in a later upgrade for the mobile services even though the platform claimed that it had no current plans for letting clients upload their photos of Stories from the desktop.

Source: The Next Web

The new tool is the next move aiming to expand the user experience for Instagram and especially for the markets that do not have reliable data connections. This makes the platform more accessible to areas that do not have free Wi-Fi prevalence such as the developing countries. That means more Stories opportunities for people and with a quarter of a billion daily active users already, Instagram can only be expected to build on its massive customer base.